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Kobol music.jpg
Background information
Also known as Plankton Man
& Arhkota
Origin Mexico
Genres Nu jazz
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments guitar, sampler, Midi Controller, Virus synthesizer, Drum Pads Roland, Classical Guitar, Keyboards, Kalimba
Years active 2000–present
Labels Static Discos

Kobol is a duo from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. It is formed by Ignacio Chávez and Argel Cota. They define their music as "a mixture of jazzy natural low tempo beats, freestyle DSP jams, sly acoustic impressions with dubby vibes".




2007 Murcof: "Urano (Kobol Mix)" Appears on StaticDiscos Extempore
2007 State Shirt: "StrawMan (Kobol Mix)" Appears on StaticDiscos Extempore
2007 Pepito: "The Dogs (Kobol Mix)" Appears on StaticDiscos Extempore.
2007 Kampion.: "Dreamy Snapshoot (Kobol Mix)" Appears on StaticDiscos Extempore.
2006 Fax: "Soulsong (Kobol Mix)" Appears on Darla[disambiguation needed] little darla has a treat for you, vol. 24.
2005 Fax: "Mips On Fire / Matriz (Kobol Mix)" Appears on StaticDiscos Ruido De Fondo.

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