Kobryn District

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Kobryn District
Кобрынскі раён Кобринский район
Kobryn Raion
Flag of Kobryn District
Coat of arms of Kobryn District
Coat of arms
Location of Kobryn District
Administrative center Kobryn
 • Total 2,039 km2 (787 sq mi)
 • Total 88,037
Website http://kobrin.brest-region.by

Kobryn District is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus. The regional center - the city of Kobrin. In the region of 162 localities belonging to the 13 rural councils. According to the 2009 census, the population of the district is 88 037 people,[1] of which 51 166 people living in Kobrin, and the remaining 36 871 in rural areas. 87.9% are of Belarusian, 6.1% Russian, 4.5% Ukrainian and 0.6% Polish ethnicity. 51.2% speak Russian and 43.1% Belarusian as their native language.

Tourist Information[edit]

Among the attractions of the area 15 archeological monuments, 26 architectural monuments, 3 historical monument, the park is named after Suvorov.

Among the monuments in the local account, there are: 12 archeological sites; 9 ancient tombs and boulders; 35 monuments of the cult-building; 9 estates; 3 historical monument and a memorial plaque dedicated to the War of 1812; 9 of historical monuments from the First World War and the Soviet-Polish war (6 military cemeteries of World War I); 5 historical times Kobrinschiny part II of Poland; 93 monuments of the Great Patriotic War; 14 monuments of the famous countrymen and government leaders. Also near the village tract in Lyahchitsy Kniazha Mountain is the tomb, which is buried in the national tradition Olga.


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Coordinates: 52°12′46″N 24°22′18″E / 52.21278°N 24.37167°E / 52.21278; 24.37167