Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran

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Kochchadaiyan Ranadheeran
Reign 710 CE-735 CE
Coronation 710 CE
Predecessor Arikesari Maravarman
Successor Maravarman Rajasimha I
Dynasty Pandya
Father Arikesari Maravarman

Kochchadaiyan Ranadheeran (reigned 710 CE -735 CE) was a Pandyan king. He was the son and successor of Arikesari Maravarman.[1]


He asserted his superiority over the Cheras and Cholas in the city of Mangalapuram, the modern day Mangalore. He also started the hostilities with the Chalukyas of Badami and the Gangas. He also undertook a campaign against the Ay chieftains. He defeated them in Kurunadu in south Travancore and this earned him the allegiance of the Ay chief.[1]

He had a son named Maravarman Rajasimha I who took over him after he died in the pandyan-cholan war.


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