Kochi Rajavu

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Kochi Rajavu
Kochi Rajavu.gif
Directed by Johny Antony
Produced by R. Mohan
Written by Udayakrishna
Siby K. Thomas
Starring Dileep
Kavya Madhavan
Music by Vidhyasagar
Cinematography Saloo George
Edited by Ranjan Abraham
Release date
  • 14 April 2005 (2005-04-14)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Kochi Rajavu (translated as King of Kochi) is a 2005 Malayalam-language Masala film , directed by Johny Antony. It stars Dileep, Kavya Madhavan & Rambha.


The film starts with Unni (Dileep), who hails from a royal family, returning from prison. He had killed the son of a large family who are now searching for him. Unni's parents take him to Chennai and enroll him in a law college. There he meets Meenakshi(Rambha). In college he gets into conflicts with the hero, Siva(Riyaz Khan), who is Meenakshi's brother, as well as Siva's enemy Muthu(Sudeer). Meenakshi eventually falls in love with Unni once he becomes a popular college hero. Once Meenaskshi's family finds out about her love for Unni they visit Unni's house for a marriage request. Soon they become family friends and they fix the marriage between Unni and Meera. Unni then narrates his flashback to Meera.

In the flashback he tells how he met Aswathy (Kavya Madhavan) in a temple and how he falls in love for her. Unni was studying in Cochin Law college where he stood for elections and won. His father did not want his son to be the leader, further he slaps him and Unni leaves the house after arguing with his father. He earns his living as an autorickshaw driver. One day, one of his friend's autos is taken by the finance company without any reason. Unni goes to the office and hits the manager. The manager sends his gonda who is the "killer" now in Chennai. Unni breaks his arms and takes the auto from the company.

Then he becomes their hero. Aswathy's parents have died and are looked after by her three uncles. Aswathy thinks that her uncles are good but they are corrupt and one wants his son to marry Aswathy so that he can inherit all her parents property. Aswathy accidentally gets into the autorickshaw of Unni when she is going to met her uncle's son who has come from Bangalore. From the travel he comes to know about her name and her house. Unni comes to know that she was going to meet her future husband and as he is love with her delays the travel by all means.

She becomes fed up with him and decides to tell her uncle. She along with her uncle plan to make fun of him and calls Unni to her House. Unni learns that Aswathy's uncle is the auto company owner and they beat him badly. She falls for him when she sees him being injured. They decide to get married and in the drama that follows Unni kills Aswathy's uncle's son.

Meanwhile, Unni receives a phone call from Aswathy telling him that she is still waiting for him. He goes to Kerala to save her. And soon he cleverly gets Aswathy in his hands and tries to escape through a truck. Chased by Aswathy's family and Meera's family they are saved finally by the autorickshaw drivers and get married.


Box office[edit]

The film was commercial success.[1]


Soundtrack album by Vidyasagar
Released 2005
Genre World Music
Producer Vidyasagar
Vidyasagar chronology
Made in USA
(2005)Made in USA2005
Alice in Wonderland
(2005)Alice in Wonderland2005

Music : Vidyasagar

Song Title Singers
"Viral Thottu Vilichal" Sujatha Mohan
"Munthiri Padam" Udit Narayan, Sujatha Mohan
"Thanka Kutta" Sujatha Mohan, Anoop Sankar
"Moonu Chakra Vandi" M. G. Sreekumar
"Kinavin Kiligale" Karthik, Manjari
"Sooryan Neeyanda" K. J. Yesudas,Kalyani Nair. Notes: (Raga:Dharmavati)