Kodak Z712 IS ZOOM digital camera

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Kodak Z712 IS
Type"Bridge" digital camera
Maximum resolution7.1 megapixels
ASA/ISO rangeISO 64-1600 (3200 in 1.0 megapixel mode.)
ViewfinderElectronic & 2.5 " LCD

The Kodak Z712 IS ZOOM digital camera is a high-end consumer digital camera.
It features a 12x optical Schneider-Kreuznach zoom lens.

The Kodak Z712 is the successor to the popular Z612 which was the model before it. The Kodak Z712 is in a class of cameras known as "Super Zooms." The Z712 features 12x zoom. Along with that it comes with manual options to adjust the shutter speed and aperture.

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