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12th Military Regional Command/Tanjungpura
Komando Daerah Militer XII/Tanjungpura
Lambang Kodam Tanjungpura.png
Coat of Arms of Kodam XII/Tanjungpura.
Active17 July 1958 – present
BranchIndonesian Army
TypeIndonesia Regional Military Command
Part ofIndonesian National Armed Forces Tentara National Indonesia (Indonesian)
Garrison/HQKubu Raya Regency
Motto(s)Carathana Jita Vina
"Once take a step, never step back and give up"
Maj.Gen. Muhammad Nur Rahmad

Kodam XII/Tanjungpura (12th Military Regional Command/Tanjungpura), is an Indonesian Army military region command that today is responsible for the defense of the two western provinces of Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Kodam Tanjungpura also oversees the defense of Indonesian border region with the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Brief history[edit]

The command traces its roots to a decree of the Chief of Staff of the Army dated 2 February 1950 which established the G Brigade of the 1st Military Area Western Kalimantan, which later became the Western Kalimantan Military Region and the 12th Military Region, which was in existence until 1985.

Since 28 June 2010, the former 6th Military Region was divided into two military regions: Kodam VI/Mulawarman responsible for the provinces of East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, and North Kalimantan and the new Kodam XII/Tanjungpura, responsible for the provinces of West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. The current region serves the defense needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who live in these two provinces and the economic activities that are present there.

Territorial Units[edit]

Territorial Units in Kodam XII/Tanjungpura comprise two Military Area Commands (Korem) and a self-supporting Military District Command (Kodim).

  • Korem 102/Panju Panjung, consisted of nine MDCs:
    • Kodim 1011/Kuala Kapuas
    • Kodim 1012/Buntok
    • Kodim 1013/Muara Teweh
    • Kodim 1014/Pangkalan Bun
    • Kodim 1015/Sampit
    • Kodim 1016/Palangka Raya
    • 631st Raider Infantry Btn/Antang Elang
  • Korem 121/Alambhana Wanawai, consisted of ten MDCs:
    • Kodim 1201/Mempawah
    • Kodim 1202/Singkawang
    • Kodim 1203/Ketapang
    • Kodim 1204/Sanggau
    • Kodim 1205/Sintang
    • Kodim 1206/Putussibau
    • Kodim 1208/Sambas
    • 643rd Mechanized Infantry Btn/Wanara Sakti
  • Kodim 1207/Pontianak (self-supporting)

Combat / Combat Support Units[edit]

  • 19th Infantry Brigade/Khatulistiwa
    • Brigade HQ
    • 642nd Infantry Battalion/Kapuas
    • 644th Special Raider Infantry Battalion/Walet Sakti
    • 645th Infantry Battalion/Gardatama Yudha
  • 641st Raider Infantry Battalion/Beruang Hitam
  • 12th Assault Cavalry Squadron/Beruang Cakti
  • 12th Cavalry Troop (Separate)
  • 16th Field Artillery Battalion/Tumbak Kaputing
  • 6th Combat Engineers Battalion/Satya Digdaya
  • Air Defense Missile Artillery Detachment

Training Units[edit]

Training units in Kodam Tanjungpura are organised under Kodam XII/Tanjungpura Regional Training Regiment/Resimen Induk Kodam XII/Tanjungpura(Rindam XII/Tanjungpura), the units are:

  • Regimental HQ
  • Satuan Dodik Latpur (Combat Training Command Unit)
  • Satuan Dodik Kejuruan (Specialised Training Command Unit)
  • Sekolah Calon Bintara (Non-Commissioned Officer Training School)
  • Sekolah Calon Tamtama A (Enlisted Training School)
  • Sekolah Calon Tamtama B (Enlisted Training School)
  • Satuan Dodik Bela Negara (National Defence Training Command Unit)[1]

Support formations[edit]

  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Military Police Command (Pomdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Public Relations Bureau (Pendam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Adjutant General's Office (Anjendam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Military Physical Fitness and Sports Bureau (Jasdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Medical Department (Kesdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Veterans and National Reserves Administration (Babiminvetcadam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Topography Service (Topdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Chaplaincy Corps (Bintaldam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Finance Office (Kudam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Legal Affairs Office (Kumdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura HQ and HQ Services Detachment (Denmadam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Information and Communications Technology Oiffice (Infolahtadam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Supply Corps (Bekangdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Transportation Corps (Hubdam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Ordnance Corps (Paldam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Engineering Division (Zidam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Signals Unit (Sandidam XII/Tanjungpura)
  • MRC XII/Tanjungpura Intelligence Detachment (Deninteldam XII/Tanjungpura)


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