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Environmental movement in South Africa

Koeberg Alert is an anti-nuclear activist organisation formed in 1983 as a local campaign against South Africa's nuclear programme, in particular the construction of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. It is possibly the country's first activist green movement, apart from Nan Rice's Dolphin Action and Protection Group. For years it was allied to the broader democratic and anti-apartheid movement. It currently organises various anti-nuclear campaigns, as well as participates in the wider anti-war and peace movements.[1]

It was revitalised in February 2010 when it engaged with the National Nuclear Regulator over a visit by the nuclear submarine HMS Sceptre.[2] In March 2010, the Environmental Impact Assessment process for the Nuclear-1 build was reaching its final stages with the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Koeberg Alert is at the time of writing[when?] conducting public meetings to raise awareness about this, and aims to prepare several detailed submissions.[3]

Koeberg Alert is part of a global campaign against nuclear power and has established links with organisations such as Earthlife Africa, Campaign Against Nuclear Energy (CANE) and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. [4]

Notable people[edit]

Some notable people active in the organisation:

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