Koelreuteria elegans

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Koelreuteria elegans
Ke raintree3.jpg
Taiwanese rain tree with fruit
Scientific classification
K. elegans
Binomial name
Koelreuteria elegans

Koelreuteria formosana Hayata
Koelreuteria henryi Dummer

Koelreuteria elegans, more commonly known as Flamegold rain tree[1] or Taiwanese rain tree, is a deciduous tree 15–17 metres tall endemic to Taiwan.[2][3][4] It is widely grown throughout the tropics and sub-tropical parts of the world as a street tree.

It flowers in early to mid-summer. Flowers are small, to 20 mm in length, and occur in branched clusters at the stem tips. They are butter-yellow with five petals that vary in length until opening. Each flower contains seven to eight pale yellow stamens with hairy white filaments.

The fruit is a brown-purplish three-lobed capsule that splits to reveal a number of black seeds.

It is a declared weed in many parts of the world, particularly Brisbane, Australia[5] and in Hawaii.

Flowers of K. elegans
Fruit of K. elegans


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