Kofarnihon River

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Kofarnihon River (Tajik: Кофарниҳон) or Kofirnihan (also transliterated from Russian as Kafirnigan) is one of the major tributaries of Amudarya (together with Vakhsh and Panj). It rises on the southern slopes of Gissar Range in Vahdat district, formerly Kofarnihon district, and flows for about 400 km in the general south-western direction past the cities of Kofarnihon, Vahdat, and Dushanbe, where it turns south and runs through Khatlon Province toward the border with Afghanistan. It falls into Amudarya some 40 km west of the confluence point of Vakhsh and Panj rivers. Kofarnihon River is an important source of drinking water, and yet it is highly polluted by irrigation runoff and inadequately cleaned recycled water around the cities of Dushanbe and Vahdat.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°56′13″N 68°00′53″E / 36.93694°N 68.01472°E / 36.93694; 68.01472