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City Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane
Broadcast area Australia, Online
Slogan Time to chill
Frequency DAB+ & Internet Radio
First air date 16 April 2009[1]
Format Chill out
Class Terrestrial
Owner NOVA Entertainment
Website koffee.com.au

Koffee is a Digital Radio station broadcast by NOVA Entertainment in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. It was launched on 16 April 2009 prior to the commencement of DAB+ broadcasts.[1]


Koffee plays a varied range of music across multiple genres, including soft pop and dance music as well as Jazz and other rarely played genres on Australian radio.


Following DMG's purchase of additional digital radio spectrum,[2] the station launched in to the Brisbane market in February 2010. With DMG not purchasing any additional spectrum in the Perth auction, it is unlikely that Koffee will expand there.

As well as on digital radio, Koffee is available for online streaming at the Koffee website.

Koffee is the winner of the 2014 Commercial Radio Awards, 'Best Digital Radio Format'.[3]


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