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Site of Koga Castle, administrative headquarters of Koga Domain

Koga Domain (古河藩, Koga-han) was a feudal domain under the Tokugawa shogunate of Edo period Japan. It is located in Shimōsa Province, Honshū. The domain was centered at Koga Castle,[1] located in what is the city of Koga in Ibaraki Prefecture.


During the Muromachi period, Koga was the seat of the Kantō kubō, under the Ashikaga clan, who vied with the Uesugi clan and with the Later Hōjō clan for control of eastern Japan. Ashikaga Ujinohime was the last Koga-kubo and owner of Koga domain of the Ashikaga lineage.

When Toyotomi Hideyoshi defeated the Hōjō at the Siege of Odawara, the area fell into his hands, and was subsequently assigned (along with the rest of the Kantō region) to Tokugawa Ieyasu. Ieyasu assigned Koga Castle to his grandson-in-law, Ogasawara Hidemasa as daimyō of Koga Domain, with assessed kokudaka of 30,000 koku.

Afterwards, the domain was reassigned every couple of generations to a large number of fudai daimyō clans, spending the longest time under the control of the Doi clan (1633–1681, 1762–1871).

During the Boshin War, the Tokugawa shogunate ordered the domain to provide guards on the foreign settlement at Yokohama. However, the domain capitulated almost immediately on the approach of the imperial forces. The final daimyō of Koga, Doi Toshitomo, served as domain governor until 1871, and was awarded the title of shishaku (marquis) under the kazoku peerage system. Koga Domain subsequently became part of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Bakumatsu period holdings[edit]

As with most domains in the han system, Koga Domain consisted of several discontinuous territories calculated to provide the assigned kokudaka, based on periodic cadastral surveys and projected agricultural yields.[2][3]

List of daimyōs[edit]

# Name Tenure Courtesy title Court Rank kokudaka Notes
Mon ogasawara.svg Ogasawara clan (fudai) 1590–1601
1 Ogasawara Hidemasa (小笠原秀政) 1590–1601 Hyōbu-daifu (兵部大輔) Lower 5th (従五位下) 30,000 koku transfer to Iida Domain
Mon Toda sechs Sterne-svg.svg Toda-Matsudaira clan (fudai) 1602–1612
1 Matsudaira Yasunaga (松平康長) 1602–1612 Tamba-no-kami (丹波守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 20,000 koku transfer to Kasama Domain
Mon ogasawara.svg Ogasawara clan (fudai) 1612–1619
1 Ogasawara Nobuyuki (小笠原信之) 1612–1614 Saemon-no-suke (左衛門佐) Lower 5th (従五位下) 20,000 koku transfer from Honjo Domain
2 Ogasawara Masanobu (小笠原政信) 1614–1619 Saemon-no-suke (左衛門佐) Lower 5th (従五位下) 20,000 koku transfer to Sekiyado Domain
Japanese Crest Okudaira Uchiwa.svg Okudaira clan (fudai) 1619–1622
1 Okudaira Tadamasa] (奥平忠昌) 1619–1622 Mimasaka-no-kami (美作守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 110,000 koku transfer to Utsunomiya Domain
Japanese Crest Nagato mitu Hosi.svg Nagai clan (fudai) 1622–1633
1 Nagai Naokatsu (永井直勝) 1622–1625 Ukon-no-daifu (右近大夫) Lower 5th (従五位下) 72,000 koku transfer from Kasama Domain
2 Nagai Naomasa (永井尚政) 1626–1633 Shinano-no-kami (信濃守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 72,000 koku transfer to Yodo Domain
Japanese Crest mutu Suisha.svg Doi clan (fudai) 1633–1681
1 Doi Toshikatsu (土井利勝) 1633–1644 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 160,000 koku from Sakura Domain
2 Doi Toshitaka (土井利隆) 1644–1658 Tōtōmi-no-kami (遠江守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 160,000→130,000 koku
3 Doi Toshishige (土井利重) 1658–1673 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭) Lower 5th (従五位下) 130,000→100,000 koku
4 Doi Toshihisa (土井利久) 1673–1675 -none- -none- 100,000→70,000 koku
5 Doi Toshimasu (土井利益) 1675–1681 Suwo-no-kami (周防守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku transfer to Shima Domain
Japanese crest Hotta Mokkou.svg Hotta clan (fudai) 1681–1685
1 Hotta Masatoshi (堀田正俊) 1681–1684 Chikuzen-no-kami (筑前守), Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 130,000 koku transfer from Annaka Domain
2 Hotta Masanaka (堀田正仲) 1684–1685 Shimosa-no-kami (下総守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 130,000 koku transfer to Yamagata Domain
Japanese Crest Maru ni Katabami.svg Matsudaira (Fujii) clan (fudai) 1685–1693
1 Matsudaira Nobuyuki (松平信之) 1685–686 Hyuga-no-kami (日向守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 90,000 koku from Koriyama Domain
2 Matsudaira Tadayuki (松平忠之) 1686–1693 Hyuga-no-kami (日向守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 90,000 koku dispossessed
Maru ni Mitsu Ōgi inverted.png Matsudaira (Nagasawa-Ōkōchi) clan (fudai) 1694–1712
1 Matsudaira Nobuteru (松平信輝) 1694–1709 Izu-no-kami (伊豆守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku from Shima-Toba Domain
2 Matsudaira Nobutoki (松平信祝) 1709–1712 Izu-no-kami (伊豆守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku to Yoshida Domain
Japanese crest Honda Tachi Aoi.svg Honda clan (fudai) 1712–1759
1 Honda Tadanaga (本多忠良) 1712–1751 Nakatsukasa-daiyu (中務大輔), Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 50,000 koku from Kariya Domain
2 Honda Tadahisa (本多忠敞) 1751–1759 Nakatsukasa-daiyu (中務大輔) Lower 5th (従五位下) 50,000 koku transfer to Hamada Domain
Japanese Crest Tuta.png Matsudaira (Matsui) clan (fudai) 1759–1762
1 Matsudaira Mitsuyuki (松平康福) 1759–1762 Suo-no-kami (周防守), Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 50,000 koku transfer to Okazaki Domain
Japanese Crest mutu Suisha.svg Doi clan (fudai) 1762–1871
1 Doi Toshisato (土井利里) 1762–1777 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 70,000 koku
2 Doi Toshichika (土井利見) 1777–1777 Mimasaka-no-kami (美濃守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku
3 Doi Toshiatsu (土井利厚) 1777–1822 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭); Jiju (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 70,000→80,000 koku
4 Doi Toshitsura (土井利位) 1822–1848 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭); Jiju (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 80,000 koku
5 Doi Toshinari (土井利亨) 1848–1848 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭) Lower 5th (従五位下) 80,000 koku
6 Doi Toshinori (土井利則) 1848–1867 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭) Lower 5th (従五位下) 80,000 koku
7 Doi Toshitomo (土井利与) 1867–1871 Ooi-no-kami (大炊頭) Lower 5th (従五位下) 80,000 koku

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