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Kogepan (こげぱん) is a Japanese character from the company San-X, who, like Sanrio creations Hello Kitty and Badtz Maru, can be found in books, anime, toys, stationery, and a number of other formats. The character is a burnt red bean bread bun who lives in a panya (Japanese bakery), trying to fit in and make friends with the other bread items. The name comes from kogeru, meaning to burn or char, and pan, a gairaigo word taken from Portuguese and meaning bread.

There are a number of other characters (breads) in the panya with Kogepan, including ichigopan (strawberry bread), kireipan (pretty bread), kuriimupan (a burnt cream bread), and Sumipan, a bread even more burnt than Kogepan.



The anime series, animated by Studio Pierrot and produced by Pony Canyon, consisted of ten 4-minute shorts, the majority of which introduce simple aspects of the character.


There have been three children's picture books published in the Kogepan series, written & drawn by Takahashi Miki:

  • Kogepan: Even Among Bread, They Meet One Another (こげぱん:パンにも出会いがあるらしい...)
  • Kogepan: Even Among Bread, There Are Many Kinds (こげぱん:パンにもいろいろあるらしい...)
  • Kogepan: What Is the Happiness of Bread? (こげぱん:パンのしあわせってなんだろう...)

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