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Koh or KOH may refer to:


  • Potassium hydroxide, formula "KOH"
  • KOH test, a procedure in which potassium hydroxide is used to dissolve skin and reveal fungal cells under the microscope


  • Aun Koh or Chubby Hubby (born 1972), blogger from Singapore
  • Bunya Koh or Jiang Wen-Ye (1910–1983), Taiwanese composer
  • Cynthia Koh, Singaporean television actress
  • Dasmond Koh, Singaporean television compere and actor
  • Desmond Koh (swimmer) (born 1973), a former competitive swimmer from Singapore
  • Germaine Koh (born 1967), Malaysian-born Canadian artist
  • Harold Hongju Koh (born 1954), the Dean of the Yale Law School
  • Ho Koh Chye (1942–2008), a Malaysian Olympic Hockey goalie
  • Howard Koh, Professor and Associate Dean at the Harvard School of Public Health
  • Janice Koh, Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore, and a stage and television actress
  • Jennifer Koh, an American violinist, born to Korean parents in Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Koh Boon Hwee, a Singapore businessman, chairman of DBS Bank
  • Koh Buck Song, writer and communications consultant in Singapore
  • Koh Eng Tian, former Solicitor-General of Singapore
  • Koh Eng Tong (1921–2006), Malaysian professional photographer and businessman
  • Koh Gabriel Kameda (born 1975), German-Japanese concert violinist and violin teacher
  • Koh Juat Jong, the former Registrar of the Supreme Court of Singapore, now Solicitor-General of Singapore
  • Koh Kojima or Kō Kojima (born 1928), Japanese manga artist
  • Koh Lay Huan (died 1826), a wealthy and educated man who rebelled against the Manchus and fled to settle in Penang as its first Kapitan China
  • Koh Myong-Jin or Ko Myong-Jin (born 1988), South Korean football player
  • Koh Se-kai (born 1934), political/historical scholar, a leader of the Taiwan independence movement
  • Koh Seow Chuan (born 1939, Singapore), founder of DP Architects, philatelist and philanthropist
  • Go Soo (born 1978), South Korean actor
  • Koh Suk-Chang (born 1963), a male South Korean former handball player who competed in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics
  • Koh Sung-kuk or Ko Sung-kuk (born 1955), South Korean political scientist
  • Koh Traoré (born 1989), Burkinabé born Ivorian football player
  • Koh Tsu Koon (born 1949), Malaysian politician
  • Koh Yasuda (1907–1943), Japanese ophthalmologist, first director of Amami Wakoen Sanatorium, a leprosy sanatorium in Japan
  • Lucy H. Koh (born 1968), United States District Judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of California
  • Mark Koh or Saito Nagasaki (born 1981), the Chairman and founding member of the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement
  • Ryan Koh, American television writer and producer
  • Sophie Koh, an Australian-based musician
  • Terence Koh (born 1977), Canadian artist
  • Tommy Koh, (born 1937), international lawyer, professor and Ambassador-At-Large for the Government of Singapore
  • Vladimir Koh (born 1964), a Serbian violinist


  • Many islands in Cambodia and Thailand are called "Koh Something", as the Khmer word Koh (កោះ), means 'island'
  • Daman-e-Koh, a hill at the north of Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Koh-e-Murad, a shrine in Turbat, Baluchistan
  • Koh Ker, an Angkorian site in northern Cambodia
  • Pusht-e-Koh District, a district in Farah Province, Afghanistan
  • Ras Koh, a foothill in Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Safed Koh (white mountain), a range of mountains on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border
  • Shib Koh, a district in Farah Province, Afghanistan


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