Kohinoor Square

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Kohinoor Square
कोहिनूर स्क्वेअर
Kohinoor tower.JPG
Main building of the Kohinoor square topped out with the second building under construction
Former names Kohinoor Square Commercial Tower
General information
Status Topped-out
Type Mixed use (hotel, residence, shopping mall
Architectural style Skyscraper
Location Shivaji Park, Mumbai, India
Coordinates 19°01′31″N 72°50′30″E / 19.02514°N 72.84154°E / 19.02514; 72.84154Coordinates: 19°01′31″N 72°50′30″E / 19.02514°N 72.84154°E / 19.02514; 72.84154
Construction started 2009
Estimated completion 2014-15-16
Opening 2014-15-16
Cost 21 billion (US$320 million)
Owner Kohinoor Group
Management Kohinoor Group
Roof 203 metres (666 ft) Main building, 142 metres (466 ft) Residence Building
Top floor 203 metres (666 ft) Main building, 142 metres (466 ft) Residence Building
Technical details
Structural system Reinforced concrete and steel, all-glass façade
Floor count 52 + Ground floors (5 mechanical floors) main building; 35 floors (4 mechanical floors) residence building
Floor area 2,750,000 sq ft (255,000 m2)
Lifts/elevators 40 Main building + 8 residence building
Design and construction
Architect SSA Architects and Gkkworks
Developer Kohinoor CTNL Infrastructure Corporation
Structural engineer Larsen & Toubro and Siemens
Main contractor Kohinoor CTNL Infrastructure Corporation
Larsen & Toubro
Official Website

Kohinoor square is a 52-story 203-metre (666 ft) semi-twin, mixed-use skyscraper located on the land previously owned by Kohinoor Mills in Shivaji Park, Mumbai, India. It is situated at the junction of LJ Road and Gokhale Road.[1][2][3] It is one of the first skyscrapers in India to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold rating for environmental sustainability.[4] The Kohinoor Square complex comprises a main skyscraper and a residential skyscraper which are for mixed use. Houses, hotels, residences and a high-end shopping malls are being constructed by the Kohinoor Group under Kohinoor CTNL Infrastructure Corporation.[5]


The architect and structural engineering company in charge of Kohinoor Square is the Indian firm SSA Architects, in collaboration with Gkkworks (USA).[6][7][8] The Indian structural engineering company Larsen & Toubro acted as the main structural engineer in collaboration with Siemens.[9] Kohinoor Group had made a contract with various other companies to construct one of India's first skyscrapers to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold rating for environmental sustainability. The building is one of the tallest mixed-use buildings in India, as well as one of the tallest in South Asia as of 2013.[10][11]

The main building will contain the hotel, a 42-suite luxury hotel on the top five floors of the main building. It would be operated by the Singapore-based hotelier group GHM Hotels under the brand name of The Aayu Mumbai. It would include restaurants like L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon run by the chef Joël Robuchon, and a Japanese culinary restaurant operated by Chef Hide Yamamoto.[12][13][14][15] On lower floors, the shopping mall would be leased to various luxury boutiques by the Group.


The Kohinoor Square project started when Kohinoor Group Pvt, Ltd. won the bid to develop the Old Kohinoor mills located in Shivaji Park, at a price of 21 billion (US$320 million), including 4 billion (US$61 million) for the land.[citation needed] It is located on the land previously owned by Kohinoor Mills. In 2004 the land was sold to Kohinoor Group. It was originally planned to be the tallest office building in India. Construction started in 2009, and in 2013 the plans were changed from making it the tallest hotel building in India due to local market reasons.[16]


Construction of the Kohinoor Square started in early 2009, with a completion date of March 2013, with a construction period of four years. Most of the time the construction remained on schedule. But later in 2012, construction slowed down due to the legation of the Floor Space Index on Car Parks with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and design change from a full Office building to a Mixed use building.[17] In December 2012, Kohinoor Square main building officially topped out becoming The Tallest Mixed use building in India. Later, on 26 July 2013 the issue regarding the Floor Space Index on car parks was resolved in supreme court, and with an estimated completion date of December 2013 the construction resumed again.[18] Construction on the residence building started in late, 2010 and completed in March 2014.


The main skyscraper is about 52 floors 203 metres (666 ft), and the residential skyscraper is about 35 floors 142 metres (466 ft). The first five floors of the main building will be used for a high-end shopping mall, and the remaining 47 floors of the main building will be utilized for a five-star hotel and commercial offices.[19] The first 15 floors of the residential building will be used as a parking garage for both the buildings, and the remaining 20 floors will be residences.[20] It will have 40 elevators and 12 escalator in the main building and 8 elevators in the Residence Building provided by Otis.[21] Kohinoor Square project is going to cost around 21 billion (US$320 million), including 4 billion (US$61 million) for the land.[citation needed] The whole complex houses an area of 2,750,000 sq ft (255,000 m2), with the main building housing a total floor space of 2,120,000 sq ft (197,000 m2), with an average area of 40,000 sq ft (3,700 m2) per floor plate and has an average height of 3.8 metres (12 ft) per floor. The whole complex can accommodate more than 2000 vehicles in the Car Parks located in the 1st to 15th floors of Residence Building with the Innovative technology such as efficient driveways and intelligent traffic management system.[22] The main building houses spacious lobby and double height landscaped Sky Gardens and a double height terraces with floor to ceiling glazing on every alternate floor to act as tranquil and refreshing breakout zones.

Main building (Central Tower)[edit]

At 50 stories, one of the towers will be among India’s tallest office buildings. The structure comprises a concrete core and post-tensioned concrete slab and spandrel beams. The façade consists of faceted unitized aluminum curtain walls with provisions for high performance double glass façades on the tower. The towers are linked by a podium with a façade of custom point-supported glazing on specialty steel trusses. All the Glasses are articulated glasses & can sustain design wind pressure of 4.5 to 5.0 kPa. Diamond edges of the building having aluminum flashing with LED lighting are the unique feature and make it complicated façade design. The Façade Consists of Façade LED Lighting in the spandrel panel which gives a dynamic look in the night.[citation needed]

Eco-friendly design features[edit]

The building design makes it environmentally friendly, using technologies such as floor-to-ceiling insulated glazing to contain heat and maximize natural light, and an automatic daylight dimming system. The tower also features a greywater system, which captures rainwater for reuse. Kohinoor Group Pvt Ltd. states that the building is made largely of recycled and recyclable materials. Air entering the building is filtered, as is common, but the air exhausted is cleaned as well. The Kohinoor Square Building is one of the first Skyscraper building in India to achieve a Gold (LEED) Certification from Green Building Council.[4]


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