Curd snack

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Curd snack
Packed strawberry-flavoured curd snack and half of a kiwi flavoured curd snack
Main ingredientsCurd and sugar, various glazes and fillings may be added

Curd snack (Russian: сыро́к (syrok)),(Ukrainian: сиро́к (sırok)), is a type of sweet snack made from curd cheese (quark).

The main part of a curd snack is made from milled and pressed curd, and ingredients such as sugar, sweetener or other products. They can also have a filling such as raisins, jam or other filling. They also sometimes have no filling and are glazed with chocolate or cream with berry or fruit flavours.


The curd snack history is blurry. It is known that the roots of the curd snack come from Soviet Union. The final form of curd snack that we eat these days (glazed with chocolate, etc.) settled in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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