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Curd snack
Packed strawberry-flavoured Latvian curd snack "Kārums", and half of a kiwi flavoured curd snack
Type Snack
Main ingredients Curd and sugar, various glazes and fillings may be added
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Curd snack (Estonian: kohuke, Latvian: biezpiena sieriņš, Lithuanian: varškės sūrelis, Russian: сырок) is a type of sweet snack made from curd cheese (quark), popular in the Baltic States, Russia and Hungary. Similar snacks are produced in some other parts of Europe and the Middle East.

The main part of a curd snack is freshly pressed curd, and ingredients such as sugar, sweetener or other products. They can also have a filling made out of glucose, sugar, or thickener sometimes with preservatives.

Curd snacks are typically 5 centimetres (2.0 in) long, usually made from milled and pressed curd with raisins, jam or other filling. They also sometimes have no filling and are glazed with chocolate or vanilla-, kiwi- or woodland strawberry-flavoured cream.

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