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Koi Koi Seven
(Koi Koi 7)
Genre Parody, harem, action, mecha
Written by Morishige
Published by Akita Shoten
Demographic Shōnen, Seinen
Magazine Champion Red (2002−2006)
Champion Red Ichigo (2006−2007)
Original run October 2002March 2007
Volumes 9
Anime television series
Directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Studio Studio Flag, Trinet Entertainment
Original run April 4, 2005June 26, 2005
Episodes 13
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Koi Koi Seven (こいこい7?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Morishige and published by Akita Shoten. The story features a fighting squad of six girls (Koi Koi Seven) belonging to the Gokō Academy who fight daily to protect the Earth's peace and future, as well as the hopeless Tanaka Tetsuro. Koi Koi Seven began its serialization in the shōnen manga magazine Champion Red in 2002 and ended in 2006. The series was adapted into a thirteen-episode anime television series, which broadcast between April 4, 2005 and June 26, 2005.

Plot summary[edit]

Tetsuro Tanaka is transferred to Gokoh Academy full of high expectations. However, expectations fade with a bad premonition the moment he steps onto the campus and finds all the students except him are girls. A series of strange events fall upon him. Then, six girls who are called Koi Koi Seven appear as his guardians. Army combat helicopters and anti-tank guns attack Tetsuro for no particular reason as he tries to survive each day in the academy. Surrounded by many girls he gets into trouble every day because he often sees them naked, usually by mistake. In the dorm the same problem continues with the Koi Koi 7 team walking around the house in their underwear. On top of this, Celonious 28 also chases after him all the time because she wants to be with him. As well, Asuka Yayoi feels jealous of him because she loves him and she doesn't want him to hang around with other girls, which is very difficult because he is the only boy in the school and the girls are after him all the time. In general each girl of the Koi Koi 7 team has secret feelings for Tetsuro but they don't show them.


Tetsuro Tanaka (田中 哲朗 Tanaka Tetsurō?) 
The main male character of the story. He becomes the focus of attention for the entire school as he is the only male student. He can't seem to remember the reason why Yayoi always wants to be with him. He also comes to a difficult situation when by mistake he looks at the bra and panties of his roommates. Finally he has feelings for each girl of the Koi Koi Seven's team but he cannot show them for fear of the girls' anger.
Yayoi Asuka (飛鳥 ヤヨイ Asuka Yayoi?) 
The main heroine of the story. She is part of a group of girls who call themselves the "Koi Koi 7". She had apparently known Tetsuro when they were younger. She claims to have a reason for wanting to be with him all the time. She likes crab bread, a trait which is often exploited by Gokoh Five. She also has the ability to fly and has white angel like wings. However, sometimes she becomes annoying to Tetsuro which led him to ignore her.
Sakuya Kazamatsuri (風祭 サクヤ Kazamatsuri Sakuya?) 
She is one of Tetsuro's roommates. She is an expert at many firearms and often is seen pulling them out of nowhere (including a bazooka). She's the most talkative and the one that always gets on to Tetsuro. She calls Tetsuro <<kinky>> and tries to express her feelings for him with kinky ideas herself. She always feels comfortable and she doesn't mind walking around naked even if Tetsuro is in front of her. These make her the main sexy character in Tetsuro's imagination. She also has a tendency to smoke and skip classes making others believe she is a delinquent.
Miyabi Tsukuyomi (月読 ミヤビ Tsukuyomi Miyabi?) 
She is another roommate of Tetsuro. She can use her hair to form a nearly-impenetrable shield or as an attack weapon. She is very popular in the school even though she finds it annoying. In the anime her background remains a mystery, it only shows her cutting her wrist and blood is flowing out. She believes that Tetsuro is different from the other boys because he always cares for her. In other words, she also has feelings for him. She also has expressed a lack of caring for the lives of the other Koi Koi Seven like grabbing them around the throat with her hair and pulling them along because they are too slow.
Hifumi Inokai (猪飼 ヒフミ Inokai Hifumi?) 
Another one of Tetsuro's roommates. Rivalling Otome for the most flat chest, she is normally calm until provoked. She is the only one who is stronger than Akiwo. She tends the school garden commonly and is generally good friends with Akiwo. She had been very unfair with Tetsuro while she knocked him down because he saw her butt by mistake.
Akiwo Suzuka (鈴鹿 アキヲ Suzuka Akiwo?) 
Another one of Tetsuro's roommates. She is very busty and has orange hair. She has "Superman-like" powers like super strength and the ability to fly. But she has mentioned that she has not always been like this. She told Tetsuro that she used to be someone who was very weak and had to be rescued all the time. She explained that she kept telling herself that she should change. She is also a huge fan of "Kinorangers", which is most likely a Parody of the 1980 Super sentai series Denshi Sentai Denjiman since their suits resembles the Denjiman Suits. She was the one to come up with the name Koi Koi 7. She believes that each person can become strong. So she felt proud of Tetsuro when he shot the kinky monster. After that she started to have feelings for him too. She often goes off on her own.
Otome Chono (蝶野 オトメ Chono Otome?) 
Another one of Tetsuro's roommates. She has a very calm personality which makes her less aggressive than the other girls in the group. In the anime she has been seen "charging up" using a plug during breakfast, also in the group she is the person who gives the orders and information to the rest of the group after analyzing the data. Otome's comments often include words like "incomprehensible," making her "robot-like." Later in the anime she is revealed to be a robot. Even though she is a robot, she still dreams and has feelings like the feelings she has for Tetsuro, even though she cannot even comprehend those feelings herself. However Tetsuro made her very happy saying to her that she is an absolutely normal girl. She wears large ribbons in her hair.
(people who joined the school in their senior year) This group includes all six girls in the Koi Koi 7, plus Tetsuro.
Yayoi Asuka (Celonius 28) (アスカヤヨイ (セロニアス28号)?) 
(short gray hair, black uniform) A mysterious girl with an eyepatch. She believes that she is the real Yayoi that Tetsuro met in his past, due to being a part of a nationwide security system designed to watch and protect Yayoi and Tetsuro. She was then rebuilt as a gynoid and through the events of the story was mostly destroyed. With all her memory erased she is rebuilt as a robot but in a much younger form (much like Otome as she is in her spare body), now called Gantai she has the mentality of a child. Early on she thought that nobody loved her, but Tetsuro changes her mind showing her that everyone loves her. After that she tries to take care of Tetsuro and make him happy. Voiced by Nana Mizuki.
Orie Kano (花皇 ヲリエ Kano Orie?) 
The teacher, who also lives in the student dorm with Tetsuro and the Koi Koi 7 girls. She had feelings for Tetsuro's father before he managed to open the heaven's door. She is also a mechanic.
Headmaster (学園長?) 
The mysterious headmaster who has hidden knowledge about Tetsuro. His mission is to stop Tetsuro's father before he makes something bad.
Miya Higashikazuno (東和野 ミヤ Higashikazuno Miya?) 
Grandchild of the school's founder. She is officious and self-important. She and her gang, the Gokoh Five, are constantly after Tetsuro.
Hekusokazura no Kimi (屁糞蔓の君?) 
Second in command at the Gokoh Five. She also has a secret personality as a spy in the school in order to watch Tetsuro's father movements
Kazuko Iidabashi (飯田橋 和子 Iidabashi Kazuko?) 
A member of the Gokoh Five. Very nervous.
Chuko Asakusabashi (浅草橋 中子 Asakusabashi Chūko?) 
A member of the Gokoh Five.
Yoko Suidobashi (水道橋 洋子 Suidobashi Yōko?) 
A member of the Gokoh Five. More logical and sensitive.
Isuzu Yamada (山田 イスズ Yamada Isuzu?) 
A student who is head over heels in love with Satou. She wrote a lesbian book.
Subaru Satou (佐藤 スバル Satō Subaru?) 
Another student who is head over heels in love with Yamada. At first she didn't want to have a relationship with Yamada but in the end she loves her.

Tetsuro's Father is a mysterious man who is furious because the council turned down his research. He tries to get revenge by robots such as Celonious 28.



The Koi Koi Seven manga series was first serialized in the Japanese manga magazine Champion Red in 2002, published by Akita Shoten. The individual chapters were subsequently released in nine compiled tankōbon volumes, the last of which was released March 20, 2007.[1]

No. Release date ISBN
1 March 13, 2003[2] ISBN 4-253-23000-8 [2]
2 August 21, 2003[3] ISBN 4-253-23001-6 [3]
3 March 23, 2004[4] ISBN 4-253-23002-4 [4]
4 November 25, 2004[5] ISBN 4-253-23003-2 [5]
5 March 19, 2005[6] ISBN 4-253-23004-0 [6]
6 September 20, 2005[7] ISBN 4-253-23005-9 [7]
7 March 20, 2006[8] ISBN 4-253-23006-7 [8]
8 October 20, 2006[9] ISBN 4-253-23007-5 [9]
9 March 20, 2007[1] ISBN 978-4-253-23008-7 [1]


An anime adaptation produced by Studio Flag was aired between April 2 and June 25 of 2005. The anime consisted of 13 episodes, and 2 short specials were released with the DVDs in January 27, 2006.

List of episodes[edit]

01 "Flowers are in Full Bloom![10]"
"Hanabira Mankai!" (花弁(はなびら)満開!)
"Koi Koi Sevens Love is in Full Throttle"
"Koi no Hanasaku Koi Koi 7 desu~" (恋の華咲くこいこい7です~)

Tetsuro transfers to what turns out to be an otherwise all-girl school where he is befriended by Yayoi, who claims to know him. Miya decides that Tetsuro needs to be taught a lesson, and commands the Gokō Five to kidnap and humiliate him, but the Koi Koi Seven come to his rescue. A sentai-mecha battle ensues. At the end of a tiring day, Tetsuro retires to his school dorm, only to discover that he is housed with Yayoi and the Koi Koi Seven. His teacher Ms. Kano is the dorm supervisor.

02 "Girls Bravo!"
"Shōjo Banzai (Gāruzu Burabō)!" (少女万歳(ガールズブラボー)!)
"Get Wet, Get Washed Away! It's Miya-Sama's Revenge"
"Yuretenagarete! Gyakushu no Miya-sama desu~" (揺れて流れて!逆襲のミヤ様です~)

Fed up with the girls fighting over him, to say nothing of them flaunting their underwear, Tetsuro calls his father and asks to be transferred to another school, but is told to stick it out. Kano overhears and reports the conversation to the headmaster. At school, Miya snares and ties him suspended over the pool. Tetsuro is forced to watch from this position as the girls compete for him, first swimming a medley relay, then wrestling "Mongolian-style" (the objective being to strip the pants from one's opponent), and finally in a volleyball game. The Koi Koi Seven win every event: witnessing their determination, Tetsuro admits that there is something to be said for girls who go to such extent for his sake. Still not satisfied, Miya reactivates her mecha, merging all five into a super-robot, only to be humiliated by a malfunction.

Celonius 28 makes her first appearance, floating alone in the pool, calling Tetsuro's name.

03 "Special Effects Are On Fire!"
"Tokusatsu Jimoe (Geki Faiyā)!" (特撮激燃(ゲキファイヤー)!)
"Beyond Akiwo’s Heart…What?"
"Akiwo, Kokoro no Mukou ni…desu~" (アキヲ、心の向こうに…です~)

Garbed as one of her favorite cartoon heroes, Akiwo battles the nefarious Sailor-Bloomer Mask, a vacuum-equipped villain who sucks the uniforms off of unsuspecting high school girls, leaving them screaming in their underwear.

04 "Beautiful Flowers Are Soon Picked!"
"Bijinhakumei!?" (美人薄命!?)
"What Is Otome's Daydream?"
"Otome-chan wa Nani o Yumemiru? desu~" (ヲトメちゃんは何を夢みる?です~)

It rains. Otome gets wet.

05 "Splendides! Concours De Beauté"
"Gōkakenran Bakunyu Taikai" (豪華絢爛爆乳大会)
"Traansperce Le Ciel D'Odaiba"
"Odaiba no Sora o Tsuranuite desu~" (お台場の空をつらぬいてです~)

Miya hosts a swimsuit competition to celebrate the opening of her space elevator at Odaiba. The Koi Koi 7 girls enter because they need the 1 million yen cash prize to repair the house after it was damaged by Miyabi's hair. Miyabi wins the competition, but turns down the bonus prize of joining Gokō 5, so Miya refuses to hand over the cash, instead attacking with a giant robot. Miyabi defeats the robot with her hair, destroying the space elevator in the process. Celonius 28 takes a pot shot at Yayoi, but Miyabi blocks this too.

06 "Hot-Blooded Fighting Spirit! Pitiless Sergeant!"
"Nekketsu Tōkon / Oni Gunsō-dono!" (熱血闘魂・鬼軍曹どのっ!)
"Work Like a Devil, Sakuya!"
"Seisaku Shinkō Sakuya-san desu~" (制作進行サクヤさんです~)

A meta-episode about making an anime on an impossible deadline. Sakuya is the Production Manager.

07 "Storm of White Lilies!"
"Shirayuri no Arashi!" (白百合嵐(しらゆりのあらし)!)
"Ah! My Sweet Darling, I Think of You Wherever You Are!"
"Aä, Uruwashi no Kimi yo * Omoi Haruka ni…desu~" (嗚呼、麗しの君よ☆想い遥かに…です~)

While preparing for the school festival, Tetsuro's uniform and glasses are destroyed in a painting accident, so Yayoi dresses him up in a girl's uniform. Miya is taken by this fresh-faced newcomer, adopting "Tetsuko Nakata" as her younger sister, and insists that they exchange ribbons. The members of Koi Koi 7 convince Tetsuro to return the ribbon, which he does reluctantly, knowing Miya will be crushed -- and she is, attacking yet again in a giant robot. Celonius 28 has by this time infiltrated the school, and posing as a student, saves Tetsuro from Miya, kissing him before disappearing once again with Kano hot on her tail.

08 "The Goddess Awakens!?"
"Megami Kakusei!?" (女神覚醒!?)
"Light and Darkness of Yayoi Asuka"
"Hikari to Kage no Asuka Yayoi-chan desu~" (光と影のアスカヤヨイちゃんです~)

On the day of the festival, Tetsuro is pressed into service at the class's maid cafe, once again being forced to cross dress. Tetsuko's reappearance as a maid brings Miya to the cafe, but Tetsuro is saved by Celonius 28, who whisks him away under the cover of a blackout. Yayoi happens upon the couple in the garden and the two Yayois confer privately. 28 attacks, defeating the Koi Koi 7 by exploiting their weaknesses, but when she slaps Tetsuro aside for attempting to intervene, Yayoi rises again and, saying that she will always protect Tetsuro, immolates 28 in blaze of brilliant white light. Tetsuro begs Kano to save 28, so she installs 28's program in one of Otome's spare bodies.

09 "Advent of a Little Girl!"
"Yōjo Kōrin!!" (幼女降臨!!)
"First Outing of Gantai, the Resurrected Girl."
"Gantai-chan, Hajimete no Osanpo desu~" (ガンタイちゃん、初めてのお散歩です~)

Gentai, who has no memory of #28, but still thinks of herself as Yayoi, is bored. Feeling out of place, she wanders off without telling anyone and finds her way to the school, where various scenes trigger disturbing flashbacks. Kazuko, Chuko and Yuko discover the lost child and bring her to Miya, telling Miya that this is a good way to polish her image, but Miya isn't very good with children. Gentai runs away and is spotted by Tetsuro, who has been searching for her, but she runs away from him too. After she finally stops, they run into Izuma and Subaru, who call Tetsuro a two-timer and a lolicon when they see him holding hands with a little girl.

10 "Sigh of Love Sick!?"
"Momoiro Toiki!?" (桃色吐息!?)
"Hifumi Is in High Mood! It's a Transient Day of Love!"
"Hifumi-chan Mau! Utakata no Ichinichi desu~" (ヒフミちゃん舞う!うたかたの一日です~)

Hifumi is not acting like herself. She seems to have heard the scream of a mandoragora, and will lose all memory unless she eats the mandrake root raw. Mifumi's alternate personality irritates Kazuko, who plots to humiliate her, first soaking her school uniform, then dressing her in a robotic nurse's uniform that forces Hifumi into erotic poses while Kazuko takes pictures. Somehow Mifumi remembers Akio's name long enough to scream for help, but her personality is not restored until she eats the raw mandoragora.

11 "A Gorgeous Party!?"
"Shuchinikurin!?" (酒池肉林!?)
"Miya Explodes! Showdown at the Sand Castle."
"Miya-sama Sakuretsu! Suna no Arashi no Katorea Shiro desu~" (ミヤ様炸裂!砂の嵐のカトレア城です~)

The Koi Koi 7 fight their way though Miya's Cattleya Castle to reach Gentai, but this is all just practice for the real battle.

12 "A Sensational Incident!"
"Kyōtendochi??" (驚天動地??)
"What Do Two of You Cry Out in the Center of World!"
"Sekai no Chūsin de, Futari de Issho ni Nani Yobu? desu~" (世界の中心で、二人で一緒にナニ叫ぶ?です~)

Having decided not to disband after all, the Gokō 5 pick one last fight with Koi Koi 7. Their poor timing results in Kano giving all 12 of them cleaning duty for punishment, but then all the girls in school start chasing Tetsuro, and Yayoi is abducted by two advanced Celonius cyborgs.

13 "Tropical Paradise!?"
"Shibō Yūgi!?" (死亡遊戯!?)
"Fight With Naked Bodies! the Decisive Battle Field Is Tora Tora Tora"
"Saigo no Kibō, Himitsu soshite…" (最後の希望、秘密 そして…)

The gate to the other world is open, and it appears to be some kind of tropical paradise. Tetsuro frolics in the waves with Gentai and two other young girls. Kano suns herself on the beach, and the Koi Koi 7 play in the sand. Izuma and Subaru rub each other with suntan lotion. Offshore a sinister submarine lurks: Gokō 5 is at it again, but beats a strategic retreat when Otome gets wet. When Otome's unconscious body is beamed up by a UFO, everyone goes off in pursuit, but they are distracted by the discovery of an onsen, where the decisive battle ultimately takes place.


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