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Origin Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Genres Rock, Industrial rock
Years active 1993–present
Labels Project Q, Apocalypse, Alfa, Nagaswara
Website http://www.koil.tv/
Members J. A. Verdijantoro
Leon Ray Legoh
Adam Vladvamp
Past members Ibrahim Nasution

Koil is an Indonesian rock band. Formed in Bandung, West Java in 1993 by singer J.A Verdijantoro (Otong), his brother, guitarist Donnijantoro (Doni), and two of their friends bassist/guitarist Ibrahim Nasution (Imo) and drummer Leon Ray Legoh (Leon).


Early years[edit]

Koil released their first recording material, a mini album called Demo From Nowhere in 1994. This mini album was released in limited copies due to short of funds. Two years after their first effort, a major label named Project Q offered the band a contract for releasing album. Koil started recording their first full album and released it in September 1996. Most of songs in this album were taken from their previous mini album Demo From Nowhere.

In 1997, Koil’s partnership with Project Q was ended. Deciding to go their own way, Koil released a single called Kesepian Ini Abadi (This Loneliness stays immortal) through their selfmade independent label, Apocalypse Record. This label was founded by Otong and a close friend of the band, Adam Vladvamp of the band Kubik.

During this era, the band made changes on their stage performing concept and fashion. The using of costumized leather outfits, black color domination, metal accessories, high boots and other items that are identical to industrial goth look become part of the band's new look.

After releasing the single, the band worked in studio for the next album. The band is also involved in side projects with some fellow hometown bands like Puppen, Burger Kill and Jasad. Koil also contributed their songs for some compilation albums such as Best Alternative Indonesia, Ticket to Ride and Viking – Persib compilation.


On February 2001, after a long hard work, the band released their second album titled Megaloblast. The band also produced video for the song Mendekati Surga (Approaching Heaven) to promote the album.

On October 2003 a label called Alfa Record offered partnership to re-release the album nationwide. The album was re-released all over Indonesia on December 2003. To promote the album, the band produced two more videos, Kita dapat Diselamatkan (We Can Be Saved) and Dosa Ini Tak Akan Berhenti (This Sin Will Not Stop).

In 2005, the band released two singles titled Hiburan Ringan Part I (Light Entertaintment Part I) and Hiburan Ringan Part II (Light Entertaintment Part II). These two songs are included in a soundtrack album for the horror movie called 12:00 AM. A video was made for the song Hiburan Ringan Part II. To promote their new single, the band performed on some music festivals and appeared on TV.

Blacklight Shines On indonesia[edit]

Otong at Kickfest 2009 Yogyakarta

Adam Vladvamp, an old friend of the band who once started the label Apocalypse with Otong officially becomes member of the band as bassist in 2007. After almost a year of working in studio, Koil's third album was released. Titled Blacklight Shines On, the album contains nine songs plus one hidden track. The band made few copies of the album and gave it for free to the fans. The album was also released through the internet, which means the fans are free to download. A video was made for the song Semoga Kau Sembuh Part II (Hopefully You Get Sober Part II). Directed by an Indonesian famous movie director named Rizal Mantovani, the video features the band performing on a stage surrounded by the fans. Darkness, possessed people and other horror situations appear on video as it becomes a soundtrack of (again) a horror movie titled Kuntilanak. Along with the popularity of the video, the band toured and performed in some cities in Java and Bali during 2007–09.

In 2009, guitarist Ibrahim Nasution left the band. The main reason of his departure was unclear and it remains unknown until today as the rest of the band (including Ibrahim himself) never spoke about this matter publicly. After Ibrahim's departure, the band decided not to find any replacement and after two years of five members formation, the band finally returns to four members formation.

The album Blacklight Shines On was released as repackaged album by major label Nagaswara Record in March 2010. The band added two new songs and one remix song to this album. The cover artwork of the album was also redesigned differently and the title of the album was shortened into "Blacklight".


Studio albums

  • Koil (1996)
  • Megaloblast (2001)
  • Blacklight Shines On (2007)
  • Blacklight (repackaged) (2010)

Mini albums

  • Demo From Nowhere (1994)
  • Caligula (2001)


  • Dengekeun Aing, From "Indonesia Best Alternative" compilation (1997)
  • Kesepian Ini Abadi (1999)
  • Dosa, From "Ticket To Ride" compilation (2000)
  • Untuk Kemenangan Kami, From "Viking - Persib" compilation (2002)
  • Hiburan Ringan Part I and Hiburan Ringan Part II, From "12:00 AM" movie soundtrack (2005)
  • Breath With Me, From Compilation: Rolling Stone Rare & Raw (2006)
  • Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi, From The Best Of Republik Cinta Compilation Album feat Ahmad Dani (2008)
  • Suaramu Merdu (2008)
  • Likantropi Diri, From "Takut" Movie Soundtrack feat Shanty (2008)
  • Aku Rindu (2010)

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