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(Nepali: कोइलाबास
Village Development Committee
Koilābās is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°41′50″N 82°31′34″E / 27.69722°N 82.52611°E / 27.69722; 82.52611Coordinates: 27°41′50″N 82°31′34″E / 27.69722°N 82.52611°E / 27.69722; 82.52611
Country    Nepal
Zone Rapti Zone
District Dang Deokhuri District
Population (2001[1])
 • Total 1,561
  322 households
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

Koilabas (Nepali: कोइलाबास) is a bazaar town and Village Development Committee in Dang Deokhuri District in Rapti Zone of south-western Nepal. The town is situated on the southern edge of the Dudhwa Range of the Siwaliks, at Nepal's border with Uttar Pradesh 5 km from the village Jarwa on the other side. Indian and Nepalese nationals may cross the border unrestricted however there is a customs checkpoint for goods. Koilabas has regular bus service to Tulsipur on the Gorakhpur-Gonda Loop of Indian Railways.

From Koilabas, goods are transshipped over the Dudhwas to Dang and Deukhuri Valleys, then on into hill districts Pyuthan, Rolpa and Salyan. Before Nepal's east-west Mahendra Highway was built in the 1990s, Koilabas was also a transit hub. It was often easier if less direct to use Indian trains to travel east or west to reach other parts of Nepal than to traverse a seemingly endless series of north-south mountain valleys on foot.

Hindi or Awadhi are spoken natively by most inhabitants, with Nepali and Tharu widely understood.


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