Koina no Ginpei, Yuki no Wataridori

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Koina no Ginpei, Yuki no Watadori
Directed by Tomikazu Miyata
Written by Shin Hasegawa
Starring Tsumasaburo Bando
Kikuya Okada
Saburo Kojima
Reiko Mochizuki
Narrated by Shunsui Matsuda
Midori Sawato
Cinematography Masatsugu Nagai
Distributed by Digital Meme
Release date
  • 1931 (1931) (Japan)
Running time
60 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Koina no Ginpei, Yuki no Wataridori (鯉名の銀平 雪の渡り鳥) is a 1931 black and white Japanese silent film with benshi accompaniment directed by Tomikazu Miyata. It is based on the original story of a wandering gambler written by the popular author Shin Hasegawa. This is the first film adaptation of his story, which later inspired many filmmakers to create further adaptations of his work.

The first half of the movie depicts a man's jealousy of his best friend and the woman he loves. The second part depicts a hero who is ready to put the past behind him and risk his life for his friend.

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