Koivuhovi railway station

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Coordinates: 60°12′25″N 24°42′7″E / 60.20694°N 24.70194°E / 60.20694; 24.70194

Koivuhovi station.jpg

Koivuhovi (Finnish) or Björkgård (Swedish) is a station on the VR commuter rail network located between the stations of Kauniainen and Tuomarila.

The station serves the E commuter line from Helsinki to Espoo Centre; and the U and night train L lines between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. The station is approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) from central Helsinki.

The station has two platforms, and was opened in its current form in 1997.

Preceding station   VR commuter rail   Following station
toward Kirkkonummi