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Koki Tanaka
Native name 田中聖
Born (1985-11-05) November 5, 1985 (age 32)
Origin Chiba, Chiba, Japan
Years active 1998–present
  • Natural Ace Records (current)
  • J Storm (former)
Associated acts
Website inkt.asia

Koki Tanaka (田中 聖, Tanaka Kōki, born November 5, 1985) is a Japanese singer–songwriter, actor and former Japanese idol. He was a member of Jpop idol boy band KAT-TUN from their debut until September 30, 2013 when his contract with Johnny & Associates (the company that manages KAT-TUN) was terminated. When he was a member of KAT-TUN, he was recognized as the rapper in the group and has a hip-hop-influenced style. Out of the other members, Tanaka was most often paired up with Yuichi Nakamaru and they even formed a comedy duo 'TaNaka'. After leaving Johnny & Associates, Tanaka formed a new rock band called INKT.[1]



On September 30, 2013 Tanaka's contract with Johnny & Associates was officially terminated due to several contract violations.[2] In November of the same year, he formed his own Indie rock band called INKT and was the lead vocalist in the band,[3] and they finally released their debut album on November 8, 2014.[4] On September 1, 2017 it was announced on the band's website that INKT has now officially disbanded.[5]

On May 24, 2017 Tanaka was arrested for marijuana possession during a traffic stop, despite claiming the cannabis in his car were not his he was tested positive to the drug and was detained for 2 weeks while investigations were ongoing. He was eventually released from jail on June 7, on June 30 it was reported that Tanaka will not be prosecuted for marijuana possession charges as the police were not able to obtain enough evidence to prosecute him.[6][7][8]

Tanaka can play several instruments. His main instrument is the guitar; he can also play the piano and the shamisen. He wrote most of the rap lyrics for KAT-TUN's songs and his solos, going by the pen-name of "JOKER". While in INKT, he wrote all the band's songs under his name 'KOKI'.

As an actor, Tanaka has appeared in a string of Japanese TV series and movies and has won 2 awards for his acting work in My Boss My Hero.

Tanaka loves to design things and is very artistic. He has a talent for sewing and he designs his own apparel.

Early life[edit]

Born in Chiba, Chiba prefecture; Japan on November 5, 1985, Tanaka is the second oldest of 6 siblings, all brothers and raised by their single mother. His younger brother Juri is also an actor and signed with Johnny & Associates. Juri along with Tanaka's youngest brother Subaru even appeared alongside Tanaka in the first episode of the TV series Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go in which Tanaka played the lead role. His younger brother Hyouga is also an actor, and Tanaka's older brother is named Kazunaru.

Before Tanaka was born, his mother thought he would be a girl, so she thought of the name Maria (Saint). But he turned out to be a boy instead, so the Kanji letter of his name '聖' was kept, but its pronunciation was changed to “Kōki” (“Kōki” also means “Saint” in Japanese). Furthermore, when he was little his face was so cute and feminine that he was often mistaken for a girl.

Tanaka joined Johnny & Associates in 1998. He once stated the reason why he applied was “My mother sent the application form behind my back. So I went to the audition without knowing anything at all. She told me it was because my cousin applied too. Therefore, we went to the audition together. But in the end, my cousin failed, while I passed.”

Tanaka graduated from Horikoshi High School, and eventually went to study at Josai International University, but he quit halfway. He loves animals so much that he originally wanted to become a veterinarian.



Studio albums

Year Album information Chart position (debut week) Sales
2014 INKT
  • Format: CD, DVD
  • Release date: November 8, 2014
  • Record label: Natural Ace Records
  • Language: Japanese
17[10] JPN:
2015 サイサリス (Saisarisu)[11]
  • Format: CD, DVD
  • Release date: April 25, 2015
  • Record label: Natural Ace Records
  • Language: Japanese
2016 Life's Color[12]
  • Format: CD, DVD
  • Release date: September 21, 2016
  • Record label: Natural Ace Records
  • Language: Japanese
2017 Square[13]
  • Format: CD, DVD
  • Release date: May 3, 2017
  • Record label: Natural Ace Records
  • Language: Japanese

Live performances[edit]


This is a list of all the live concerts that Tanaka has performed at and will perform in either solo or with his rock band INKT.

Year Concert title Role Venues and dates
2014 INKT Fan Meeting Vol.1 Lead performer Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball; Tokyo (November 6)[14]
2015 INKT 1st Live ~ The Birth of INKT Lead performer TSUTAYA O-WEST; Tokyo (January 18)[15] & BIGCAT live house; Osaka (February 21)[16]
INKT one-man Live ~ Painting with INKT Lead performer EX Theater Roppongi; Tokyo (May 5)[17]
サイサリス (Saisarisu) Tour 2015 Lead performer touring 7 different cities in Japan at various venues (1 concert in each city with a total of 7 shows), from July 19 to August 7[18][19]
Muscle King Party Guest performer TSUTAYA O-WEST (August 21)[20]
AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL'15 ~ summer of demon Guest performer Night Koshiyama; Aomori (September 12)[21]
Saitama Super Arena 15th Anniversary presents "Meat Rock Festival 2015" Guest performer Saitama Super Arena; Saitama (September 13)[22]
GoneR Presents "Day of the Dead Vol.6" Guest performer Fushimi JAMMIN; Aichi (September 23)[23]
Gacharic Spin 6th Anniversary 2-Man Tour" Guest performer Nishikawaguchi LIVE HOUSE Hearts; Saitama (October 3), LIVE HOUSE J; Nagano (October 4)[24]
Piano Zombie vs INKT 2-Man Live Lead performer Kashiwa PALOOZA; Kashiwa, Chiba (October 25)[25]
2015 - 2016 Re:birth of INKT Tour 2015-2016 Lead performer 8 different venues in various cities in Japan, from December 5, 2015 to January 4, 2016[26]
2016 INKT / Gacharic Spin / Kamen Joshi 3-Man Live Lead performer Electric Lady Land; Nagoya (February 6)[27]
PALOOZA presents CIRCUIT SEX MACHINEGUNS VS INKT Lead performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (February 11)[28]
Summer Demon Phenomenon 2016 "ROAD TO 10th ANNIVERSARY series" INKT VS Summer Demon Lead performer Shinjuku ACB Hall; Tokyo (February 19)[29]
INKT 2-Man Live Tour Lead performer 7 different venues in various cities in Japan, from April 2 - May 1, 2016[30]
LOKA ~ THE ORIGINS TOUR 2016 Lead performer Yokohama Club Lizard; Yokohama (May 4), Shinsaibashi Club DROP (May 21) & Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT (May 29)[31]
INKT FC Members-only Live 2016 Lead performer Gakugeidaigaku Maple House; Tokyo (May 8)[32]
Louder!!!!! Lead performer Shibuya THE GAME; Tokyo (May 28)[33]
North Kanto Overheat Fire Lead performer Nagoya Fushimi JAMMIN; Aichi (June 4) & Esaka MUSE; Osaka (June 5)[34]
INSOLENCE JAPAN TOUR 2016 Lead performer Shibuya THE GAME (June 9), Nagoya RAD HALL; Aichi (June 11) & Harbor Studio; Kobe (June 12)[35]
PALOOZA Thanksgiving THE45th.~P Seitansai~ Lead performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (July 18)[36]
INKT SUMMER CIRCUIT Live 2016 Lead performer 5 shows in Gakugeidaigaku Maple House from July 3–31[37]
JUNGLE LIFE×CLUB251 presents “Whiteboard Jungle” Lead performer Shimokitazawa CLUB251; Tokyo (July 28)[38]
UZMK presents "Effected ☆ fuck ups" vs America-mura DROP 13th Anniversary live Guest performer America-mura DROP; Osaka (August 7 & 8)[39]
Muscle King Party Vol.3 Lead performer TSUTAYA O-WEST (August 22)[40]
"King Chimera" live Guest performer Shibuya Clubasia; Tokyo (September 21)[41]
BIG BOMBER CAMP 2016 - TOKYO 7 Lead performer Shibuya REX; Shibuya (October 6)[42]
INKT Live House tour 2016 Lead performer total of 16 shows in various venues across Japan from October 1 - November 19,[43] with a special additional "Xmas night" show at Kashiwa PALOOZA in Chiba on December 14[44]
Heart Town Festival 2016 Guest performer Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium; Taichung, Taiwan (November 26)[45]
UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ presents "BIG BOMBER CAMP 2016 Guest performer Nagoya ell.FITS ALL; Nagoya (November 30)[46]
Beach Walker 2016 Guest performer Harbor Studio; Kobe (December 9)[47]
Pulse Factory presents "Life with a mortality rate of 100%" live Guest performer Umeda Zeela; Osaka (December 10)[48]
Tokyo Lalara vol. 6 Guest performer Hatsudai DOORS; Tokyo (December 16)[49]
Gacharic Spin × INKT live Lead performer Nagoya ell.FITS ALL (December 22)[50]
TONEAYU Presents "watered down PARTY! ~ Lack of oxygen speeding the old year SPECIAL ~" Lead performer Shibuya GUILTY; Shibuya (December 29)[51]
PALOOZA presents "Brand New Vibe Road to Zepp Divercity Special Countdown Party to 2017" Guest performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (December 31)[52]
2017 KING presents "KING OF ROCK SHOW New Year Special Guest performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (January 7)[53]
L & P Attractive presents "All Happiness !! Extra edition" [Sushi Fest] Guest performer Osu RAD HALL; Nagoya (February 3)[54]
Nagoya Large Circuit Festival RAD CREATION presents "Tora Rock Festival 2017" Guest performer this festival had several shows at various different venues in Aichi Prefecture, but INKT only guest performed at 1 show on February 4[55]
Muscle King Party ~ MTR Birthday Festival ~ Guest performer TSUTAYA O-WEST (February 16)[56]
"Wicked!!!" live Guest performer Daikanyama LOOP; Tokyo (February 17)[57]
Palooza presents "Bakugan Festival" Lead performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (February 25)[58]
HateItOrLoveIt & Club Lizard Yokohama Presents "Rabbit's Revenge Vol.4" Club Lizard 15th Anniversary & Closure live Guest performer Club Lizard; Yokohama (March 10)[59]
INKT Live house tour 2017 Lead performer currently there are almost 50 shows scheduled to be held at many different venues across Japan from March 4 - July 23 [60][61]
PALOOZA meets WHITE SHADOW "SHADOW NET" live Lead performer Kashiwa PALOOZA (May 11)[62]

Stage shows[edit]

Year Title Role
2001 - 2003 Dream Boys Dancer
2002 Shock Dancer
2004 Dream Boys Supporting role & dancer
2006 Summary of Johnny's World Main cast
2007 Dream Boys Lead role
2008 Dream Boys Lead role
2011 Dream Boys Lead role



Year Title Role
2000 Colorful main role
2012 Ooku ~ Eien supporting role
2014 Sanbun no Ichi (One Third) main role


TV series
Year Broadcast Title Role
1999 NTV Nekketsu Ren-ai Dou
NTV Kowai Nichiyobi
NTV Kowai Nichiyobi ~Shinsho~
2000 NTV Tenshi ga Kieta Machi
NTV Kowai Nichiyobi 2000
2001 TBS Never Land Shigehisa Iwatsuki (supporting role)
2006 NTV Takusan no Ai wo Arigato
NTV My Boss My Hero Kazuya Manabe (main role)
NTV Tatta Hitotsu no Koi Kou Kusano (main role)
2007 NTV Tokkyu Tanaka San Go Ichiro Tanaka (lead role)
2009 TV Asahi Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 Ren (main role, episodes 13 - 22)
2012 TBS Ooku ~ Tanjou Gyokuei (main role)
Drama SPs (special TV movies)
Year Broadcast Title Role
2005 NTV Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo 2005 supporting role
2007 TV Asahi Byakkotai Gisaburo Shinoda & Yusuke Shinoda (main role)
2010 NTV Rikon Syndrome (Divorce Syndrome) main role
2010 TV Asahi Hissatsu Shigotonin 2010 SP Ren (main role)
2012 Hissatsu Shigotonin 2012
2013 Hissatsu Shigotonin 2013

Other works[edit]


  • 田中聖 10845: Released on July 15, 2015[63]



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