Kokomo, Hawaii

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Kokomo, Hawaii
Coordinates: 20°52′12″N 156°18′32″W / 20.87°N 156.30889°W / 20.87; -156.30889
Country United States
State Hawaii
County Maui
Elevation 1,467 ft (447 m)

Kokomo is a community on the island of Maui, Maui County, Hawaii. It is located just north of Makawao, Hawaii at 20°52′12″N 156°18′32″W / 20.87000°N 156.30889°W / 20.87000; -156.30889Coordinates: 20°52′12″N 156°18′32″W / 20.87000°N 156.30889°W / 20.87000; -156.30889. Elevation is about 1,467 feet (447 m).[1] It is uphill of the area known as Haʻikū.[2] Contrary to popular belief, the Beach Boys' 1988 single of the same name is not based on this Hawaiian community.


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