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Web address http://kokqepa.com/
Commercial? No
Type of site
Launched 2009
Current status Active

KokQepa is an Albanian satirical website providing parodic commentary on current affairs and other news stories related to Albania and Albanians.


KokQepa was launched in August 2009 by Ervin Ruci. It aims to create a satirical news magazine in the Albanian language. Its slogan is "A good shower of news for the unwashed mind." The site is inspired by other satirical magazines, such as The Onion, a U.S. satirical publication (in Albanian "KokQepa" means "The Onion Head"), but contains a distinctly Albanian flavour of dark humor and satire. Its first article, "The male emigrant returns home to mate" is a commentary on current Albanian society and customs and was published on August 2009. The website itself is run by volunteers who submit stories based on current events. As of last month, October 2011, the magazine publishes an average of 2 "news" pieces per day.

The website has recently launched a Facebook page, where most of the latest articles are posted.


KokQepa provides parodic coverage of current affairs and other satirical editorials (the so-called "Idiotorial" Section), horoscopes, Satirical Opinion Polls, IQ Tests, and brief news which are a play on major news of the day. It has been featured prominently on many other Albanian language magazines, blogs and independent newspapers such as Gazeta Tema.


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