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Kokushikan University
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MottoKnowledge and Action
EstablishedFounded 1917
PresidentNobuyuki Miura, Ph.D.
Location, ,
AffiliationsSetagaya Six Universities Consortium

Kokushikan University (国士舘大学, Kokushikan Daigaku) is a private university in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Combined teams of the Graduate School of Engineering and the Department of Science and Engineering competed against 130 team and came in 11th place in the 27th Formula SAE in 2007. This is the highest order at the participation university from Japan at present.

The origins of Kokushikan University lie in the Kokushikan private academy, founded in Tokyo’s Azabu district in 1917, midway through Japan’s turbulent Taisho period. Founder Tokujiro Shibata and his young colleagues envisaged that this academy would cultivate competent individuals endowed with wisdom and courage. Kokushikan, which has already produced over 146,000 graduates active in all spheres of society, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017.

Since its foundation in 1917, Kokushikan University has been working diligently to realize the educational philosophy, which is aimed to cultivate students so that they can contribute to the world peace and development. In the statement of the purport for establishing Kokushikan University, the significance of spiritual civilization is noted, lamenting the social malady of material civilization. Also, the university has been working consistently to instill a spirit of "knowledge and action", which has become a tradition over the years, and at present, the university offers education based on this principle.


Graduate Schools[edit]

Undergraduate Faculties[edit]

  • Political Science and Economics
    • Political Science
    • Economics
    • Business Administration
  • Physical Education
    • Sport and Physical Education
    • Martial Arts
    • Sport and Medical Science
  • Engineering

Reorganization April in 2007, for Science and Engineering

  • Law
    • Law
    • Modern Business Law
  • Letters
    • Education
    • History and Geography
    • Literature
  • School of Asia 21
    • Asia 21

Research Institute[edit]

  • Research Institutes and Centers
  • International Center
  • Asia-Japan Research Center
  • Institute of Budo and Moral Education
  • Lifelong Learning Center
  • Wellness Research Center
  • Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq
  • Institute for the Study of Politics
  • Placement Center


  • University Library
  • Guesthouse
  • Student dormitory
  • Kokushikan Foreign Student Alumni Meeting
  • Cultural Exchange Center with Loval Citizen


  • Studies excellent scholarship
  • Athletic skills excellent scholarship
  • Study help scholarship
  • Students from abroad scholarship
  • Department of Engineering Shiozawa scholarship
  • Rinichi Kitsutaka Commemoration study fund (only for students of the Department of Letters from Chiba Prefecture)
  • Muneo Nakamura Study fund (only for students of the School of Law)


Machida campus
Tama campus
  • Setagaya Campus: (Main campus) 4-28-1 Setagaya, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-8515, Japan
  • Machida Campus: Hirohakama, Machida, Tokyo, Japan 195-8550
  • Tama Campus: Nagayama, Tama, Tokyo, Japan 206-8515
  • Setagaya-Umegaoka Campus: 1223-1 Umegaoka, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

External Relations[edit]

Setagaya Six Universities Consortium[edit]

In addition to Kokushikan University, the other participants in the Setagaya Six Universities Consortium (世田谷6大学コンソーシアム Setagaya Roku Daigaku Konsōshiamu) are as follows:

Metropolitan West-area University Credit Transfer[edit]

Kokushikan University is in a credit transfer agreement with the following area schools:

Sister schools[edit]


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Indonesia Indonesia
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Mongolia Mongolia
Philippines The Philippines
South Korea South Korea
Taiwan Taiwan
Thailand Thailand
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Vietnam Vietnam

North America[edit]

Canada Canada
United States United States


Australia Australia


United KingdomUK
Germany Germany
Hungary Hungary
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Ethiopia Ethiopia

Research Institute[edit]

Iraq Iraq


Affiliated Schools[edit]

  • Kokushikan High School
  • Kokushikan Junior High School
  • Welfare Professional School of Kokushikan University

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