Kol Mevaser (Yiddish broadcasting)

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This article is about the Yiddish information hotline. For the historical newspaper, see Kol Mevasser (periodical).
Kol Mevaser
קול מבשר לאגא 2014-05-22 10-19.png
The logo and number of Kol Mevaser
Type news hotline
Founded 2005
Language Yiddish
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York

Kol Mevaser is a Yiddish news hotline. It reports the news, weather, lottery, traffic, and carries interviews and scholarly lectures on various topics of interest to the Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish community. Its phone number is +1 (212) 444-1100.[1][2]

Frequency of reports[edit]

The world news, Jewish news, community information, weather, lottery and traffic sections are updated daily. The main broadcaster is Zalmen Wieder and the political and business analysis are given by Yossi Gestetner.[3] Current event interviews are conducted by Yitzchok Shloma Dresnser.


Kol Mevaser serves as a replacement for radio broadcasting for the Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish community, which relies heavily on news and information within the community that is delivered in Yiddish.


Kol Mevaser was established in 2005 by Zalmen Wieder. To date it is considered one of the main sources of information for the Yiddish-speaking community globally with the largest audience in the USA, Canada, Israel and the U.K.

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