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Kola Beldy (Russian: Кола́ Бельды́) (2 May 1929 – 21 December 1993) was a Soviet pop singer of Nanai ethnicity. In 1986 he was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist of the RSFSR. He was born in the village of Mukha in Nanai District of the then Far-Eastern Krai in the Soviet Union (Today, the district is part of Khabarovsk Krai). He had a number of Soviet-era hits, most famously "Увезу тебя я в тундру" (I will take you to the tundra).[1] He was signed to Melodiya Moscow, in 1973 winning them Award no. 2 at the Sopot International Song Festival.[2] According to musicologist and rock critic Artemy Troitsky he "scored with some tundra-orientated megahits in the seventies and is considered a hallmark of Soviet snow-opera kitsch".[3]


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