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Kolakolli (Murder Murderer, Master Executioner) or Chakkamadan (Jack fruit Freak) was an Indian rogue elephant active in the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary near [kys]].[1] This elephant gained considerable notoriety among Indian media and was accused of killing 12 people in and around Peppara over a span of seven to eight years. As a result, a hunt was launched to capture the tusker in 2006. Kolakolli was eventually captured and died whilst in captivity.[2]

Origin of name[edit]

The elephant was initially nicknamed Chakkamadan (Chakka-Jack fruit) because of its fondness for ripping jack fruits and used to regularly visit farms during jack fruit seasons. It was also said to have a body odour similar to smell of jack fruits.[3] The rogue elephant later gained its new nickname Kolakolli that originated out of the Malayalam words 'Kola' which means murder (also used as a superlative in a notorious sense) and 'Kolli', meaning murderer. It was popularised by the media giving it a demonised image.

Capture and death[edit]

A hunt was launched for the elephant in 2006 after it gained notoriety as a dangerous murderer. The plan was to capture and tame Kolakolli. After several weeks of intense efforts the elephant was captured and sent for training. However it died a few days later reportedly due to cardiac arrest, while in captivity.

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