Kolan River

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Kolan River
Origin Dawes Range
Mouth Moore Park
Basin countries Australia
Length 180 km[1]
Basin area 2795 km²[1]

The Kolan River is a short river north of Bundaberg. The catchment area is bounded by the Dawes Range in the north-east, and the Burnett Range in the south-west.[1]

The river was dammed in 1978 by the Fred Haigh Dam forming Lake Monduran. Other water storage facilities supplied with water from the river include Bucca Weir and Kolan Barrage.[1] The construction of the Fred Haigh Dam has mitigated severe flooding in lower reaches.[2]

The main tributary of the Kolan River is Gin-Gin Creek.[1] The lower reaches of the river are surrounded by sugar cane fields.[2] The Mouth of Kolan River Conservation Park is a protected area at the mouth of the river.

Natural history[edit]

Macfadyena unguis-cati, commonly known as Cats Claw Creeper, is a rapidly growing clinging vine that has been killing gumtrees on the banks of the Kolan River, leaving damaged tracts of riverbank.[3] In 2007 a water hyacinth outbreak occurred within the Kolan River system.[4]

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Coordinates: 24°42′S 152°10′E / 24.700°S 152.167°E / -24.700; 152.167