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Kolda is located in Senegal
Coordinates: 12°53′N 14°57′W / 12.883°N 14.950°W / 12.883; -14.950
Country  Senegal
Region Kolda Region
 • Mayor Bécaye Diop
Elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2007)
 • Total 62,258
 • Density 556/km2 (1,440/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Kolda is a city located in southern Senegal. It is the capital city of Kolda Region and Kolda Department, a region known historically and popularly as Haute Casamance.


The name Kolda derives from the name of the city's founder Koly Dado who first created a settlement near the shores of the Casamance river.


Kolda is the chief city of Kolda Department and of the Kolda Region.


The city's located on the National road 6 called the "southern route" due to the fact that it goes from Dakar to Ziguinchor through Tambacounda, Vélingara and Kolda. Dakar, capital city of Sénégal is located at 670 km from Kolda.

The local administrative areas include Gaide, Sikilo, Faraba, Faramba and Sisal.

Physical geology and climate[edit]

Both vegetation and rainfall are abundant in Kolda. The wet season lasts for five months, from June through October. The dry season begins in November and ends in May.

The annual average temperature is 81.9 °F with a maximum of 94.8 °F in April, May and October, and a minimum of 68.7 °F in January and August.


Most recently, as of 1988 and 2002, Kolda's population was 34,337 and 53,921 inhabitants respectively. In 2007, official estimations, brought the population to 62,258 inhabitants. The majority of the population is made up of members of the Fula ethnic group. There are also members of the Mandinke and Jola ethnic groups.


A Center of Zootechniques Research (CRZ) was established in Kolda in 1972.

Notable individuals from Kolda[edit]

  • Sidney Toure (Poet, actor, activist)
  • Moriba Pascal Doumbia (educator)
  • El Hadj Omar Fall (educator)
  • Mère Henry Ronk (Catholic Mission)-Caregiver
  • Ablaye Diallo (Zal) footballer
  • Massamba Sambou, Football player
  • Souleymane Diamanka, Poet
  • General Ameth Fall
  • Sada Kane, Journalist
  • Barou Balde Adjunct Mayor
  • Bécaye Diop, minister of State, and Minister of the Armed Forces, Mayor of Kolda

Coordinates: 12°53′N 14°57′W / 12.883°N 14.950°W / 12.883; -14.950