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Shon Kole Black (born August 11, 1976 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States) is an African American journalist, screenwriter and author.

Written Work[edit]

Kole Black is a journalist and novelist who writes under the Spaulden Publishing imprint of Connecticut Press. Shon Cole Black is the author of RATCHET (a series of teen fiction novels, that revolve around a teenage girl who escapes the grips of her abusive mother by running away to the streets, where she discovers that all that glitters is not gold). [1]

Kole Black is also the author of "Cincinnati's Finest", the story of four female police officers whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when a tragic event forces each of them to the edge of all they swore protect.

Additionally, Kole Black is the author of the Sex Therapy series, a group of relationship books that provide women an honest and insightful glimpse into the mind of the modern man. Titles include; Sex-Therapy: A Woman's Guide To Understanding why men cheat, Sex-Therapy: A Woman's Guide To Understanding why men fear commitment.

He is the author of five novels, The Chance She Took, The Risk of Chance, The Game of Chance, Chance & Drama' and "The End of All Chance". Part of The Chance Series was released in 2013 as THE RATCHET SERIES, a continuing saga that centers around one woman's desperate attempt to escape the grips of a psychotic ex-boyfriend and his murderous drug cartel .

Kole Black has also written under the name Shon Cole Black for Clandestine International Affiliates, a print media subsidiary of Time-Warner Publishing.


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