Kole Nedelkovski

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Kole Nedelkovski
A portrait of Kole Nedelkovski.
A portrait of Kole Nedelkovski.
BornNikola Krstev Nedelkov
(1912-12-16)December 16, 1912
Vojnica, near Veles, Ottoman Empire
DiedSeptember 2, 1941(1941-09-02) (aged 28)
Sofia, Bulgaria
OccupationPoet and communist
GenreRevolutionary poetry
Notable worksM'skavici and Peš po svetot

Kole Nedelkovski (Bulgarian and Macedonian: Коле Неделковски) was a Macedonian revolutionary and poet,[1] and member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He was a member of the Macedonian Literary Circle and he published two poetry books. Today, Nedelkovski is seen as one of the founders of the modern Macedonian poetry.[2]


He was born in Vojnica, near Veles, Ottoman Empire as Nikola Kr(a)stev Nedelkov.[3] Hunted from the Serbian police he emigrated to Bulgaria in 1933. In Sofia, Nedelkovski joined the Macedonian Literary Circle.[2] Besides Nedelkovski, the most active members of the Circle were Dimitar Mitrev, Gjorgji Abadžiev, Venko Markovski, Nikola Vapcarov and others. Later, he became a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He ended his life escaping the police in Sofia in 1941, by jumping from an attic window.[4]


His poem "A Voice from Macedonia" (Glas od Makedonija) is one of the most famous revolutionary poems in the Macedonian literature. His poetry describes the difficult life of the Macedonian people prior to World War II and glorifies the communist ideas and fight against capitalism. Nedelkovski's poems were published in Skopje-Veles dialect.

Nedelkovski published two poetry books:[5]

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