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The kdegames package contains computer games written under the umbrella of the KDE software development project. It provides games in a number of genres including card games, arcade games, and board games. Most of the games there are clones of existing games.

List of software[edit]

kdegames 4[edit]





  • KJumpingCube - A board game where players make boxes change color and try to succeed in taking over the board.
  • Kiriki - A Yahtzee game



  • Konquest - A simple turn-based strategy game with the theme of galactic conquest.[1]
  • KsirK - A Risk clone


  • KTuberling – A Potato Guy game for kids. (Modeled after the Mr. Potato Head children’s toy)

kdegames 3 only[edit]

These games were part of the kdegames module in KDE3 but were removed for the KDE4 release due to lack of maintainership:

  • KPoker - A video poker game.
  • KAsteroids – An Asteroids clone for KDE.
  • KFoulEggs – A Puyo Puyo game.
  • KSirtet – A simple Tetris clone, titled by reversing the name Tetris to avoid trademark problems. An early version was developed in 1998, but the project possibly started as far back as 1996.[2] The final stable version was released December, 2002.
  • KSmileTris – A Tetris variation.
  • Atlantik – Monopoly for KDE.
  • KBackgammon – Backgammon for KDE.
  • KenolabA – Abalone for KDE.
  • Klickety – Klickety is an adaptation of clickomania / SameGame to KDE, similar to KSameGame.
  • KSokoban – Sokoban

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