Kolahoi Glacier

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Kolahoi Glacier
Kolahoi Glacier andMt.Kolahoi(5425m) North view -the highest mountain in Kashmir valley.JPG
Kolahoi Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Himalaya Range, Kashmir valley, Indian Administered Kashmir
Coordinates 34°9′49″N 75°19′49″E / 34.16361°N 75.33028°E / 34.16361; 75.33028Coordinates: 34°9′49″N 75°19′49″E / 34.16361°N 75.33028°E / 34.16361; 75.33028
Length 5 kilometres (3 mi) in 1974

Kolahoi Glacier is a valley glacier in the northwestern Himalayan Range situated 26 kilometers north from Pahalgam and 16 kilometers south from Sonamarg, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kolahoi glacier lies at an average elevation of 4,700 metres (15,400 ft). The highest peak named after the glacier is Kolahoi Peak has an elevation of 5425 meters. The origin of the glacier is below the cirques on the north flank of Kolahoi Peak.[1] It is the source of Lidder River and some melt waters become the tributaries of the Sind River. Its water serves the population of Anantnag district, where it is mainly being used for drinking and agricultural purposes. The water finally discharges itself into Jhelum River near Khanabal.

Kolahoi Glacier is among the victims of global warming,[2] and has shrunk in area from 13.57 km2 in 1963 to 10.69 km2 in 2005 or a loss of 2.88 km2 in three decades.[3] In 1974 the glacier was about 5 km long and is known to have extended for at least 35 km during the Pleistocene.[1] According to another report,[4] Kolahoi is a hanging glacier and hollowed inside. It is a matter of great concern for Kashmir Valley. Many expeditions have failed here. A local club is trying much to summit it in 2014.