Koli Airfield

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Koli Airfield
Part of Thirteenth Air Force
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands-Guadalcanal.png
Location of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands
Coordinates 09°27′28.94″S 160°10′41.50″E / 9.4580389°S 160.1781944°E / -9.4580389; 160.1781944
Type Military airfield
Site information
Controlled by United States Army Air Forces
Site history
Built 1943
In use 1943-1944

Koli Airfield (also known as Bomber 3 Field) is a former World War II airfield on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, located near Koli Point, eight miles east of Henderson Field, close to the Metapona River to the east and the Naumbu River to the west. The airfield was abandoned after the war and today is almost totally returned to its natural state.


This airfield was built for B-24 Liberator heavy bomber operations, primarily by the Thirteenth Air Force. The single strip ran approximately NE to SW (parallel to Carney Airfield) and had several taxiways off both sides. Surfaced by bitumen with metal, Marsden Matting-like material for heavy aircraft and was completed in the middle of 1943.

Units assigned were:

Disused since the war. Bomber 3 strip was used for drying Copra at the nearby plantation, and parts of the airfield are used as a road.

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