Kolia Litscher

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Kolia Litscher
Born Kolia Litscher
1991 (age 25–26)
Nationality French
Other names Kolia Le Besco
Occupation Stage actor
Film actor
Years active 1991–present
Known for Demi-tarif (2004)
Charly (2006)

Kolia Litscher (born 1991) is a French stage and film actor who has starred in multiple films and theatre productions. He is particularly known for Demi-tarif (2004) and Charly (2006).


Kolia's father is Swiss-Russian stage director Hans-Peter Litscher and his mother is French-Algerian actress Catherine Belkhodja. His three sisters, Maïwenn Le Besco, Isild Le Besco and Leonor Graser are involved in acting, scriptwriting, and film directing and producing, as well as is his brother Jowan Le Besco. Kolia is the youngest of the five siblings.

His mother Catherine had just completed a film with Chris Marker at the Beaubourg museum, when she began labour and was rushed to the hospital just in time to give birth to Kolia.


Kolia's first role was in Place des Vosges when he was barely a toddler. He later appeared in short films by Emma de Caunes, Michel Fehler, Joséphine Flasseur and Emmanuelle Bercot, before playing one of the principles characters in the directortial debut of his older sister Isild Le Besco,[1] in her Demi-tarif,[2][3] a film which was screened at over fifty film festivals and was widely acclaimed by film critics.[4] Of her younger brother's performance in her debut film, director Isild Le Besco stated he was courageous and generous. There was a swimming scene where the water was very cold, and Kolia continued to swim until police summoned by others arrived to halt the shot out of concern for his safety.[5]

He was cast again in Le Besco’s second film as director,[6] Charly,[2][3] as Nicolas, a teenager in revolt, alongside Julie-Marie Parmentier as his partner.[2] In the film, his character is a young boy placed in foster care who is so fascinated by a postcard of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, that he runs away to try to get to his dream. Hitchhiking his way to the suburbs of Nantes, he meets Charly, a young girl living in a caravan who survives by prostituting herself.[7] Of Litscher's performance as the character of Nicolas in Charly, Variety wrote "Litscher is just this side of being as bored as his character." [4]



  • 2002, Denn Bleiben Ist Nirgend, directed by Hans-Peter Litscher. Akademietheater, Bayerische Staatsoper, Münchner Opern-festspiele, Munich.
  • 2002, Und Dann Verschwand Alles Licht, an evening with texts from Antonoin Artaud, directed by Hans-Peter Litscher. Kasino Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria.
  • 2003, Die Drei Entfernte Cousinen adapted from Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, directed by Hans-Peter Litscher. Neumarkt Theater Zürich.
  • 2003, Causerie Sur Le Theme Du Traiter Et Du Heros, directed by Hans-Peter Litscher. Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg.
  • 2003, CIRCULUS VITIOSUS, directed by Hans-Peter Litscher. Zürich Festival.


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