Kolinbiné River

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The Kolinbiné River is a river in West Africa. It arises in southern Mauritania and flows south, forming part of the international boundary between Mauritania and Mali. In Mali, it joins the Sénégal River 5 km upstream from the town of Kayes.

The river flows through a number of shallow depressions that fill with water during the short rainy season (July to September). The largest of these is Lake Magui that extends for nearly 30 km in a north-south direction. The lake lies 55 km northeast of Kayes at 14°47′N 11°5′W / 14.783°N 11.083°W / 14.783; -11.083. The river also fills Lake Doro which lies 34 km east-northeast of Kayes, just north of the RN1 highway at 14°30′45″N 11°7′20″W / 14.51250°N 11.12222°W / 14.51250; -11.12222.

Coordinates: 14°25′37″N 11°23′17″W / 14.42694°N 11.38806°W / 14.42694; -11.38806