Kolkata Vipers

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Kolkata Vipers
Founded 2011
League EFLI
Based in Kolkata, India
Stadium TBD

Purple, Gold, Dark Green, White

Head coach TBD

The Kolkata Vipers are a men's professional American football team representing Kolkata, India in the Elite Football League of India. They will begin playing their first season in November 2012.[1] None of the Vipers' matches for the EFLI's first season will be held in Kolkata, since league officials have planned to hold all matches in a retrofitted stadium in Pune for the first year. Venues in Kolkata and other cities for future seasons have not yet been announced.[2]

The Vipers will be one of twelve teams competing in the EFLI in 2012. The EFLI will be India's first professional American football league, and its launch is backed by the Government of India and the Sports Authority of India. A roster of players, coaches and team personnel is yet to be announced, although training camps for interested parties have already been held in 2011.[3][4]


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