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Kollam Municipal Corporation

കൊല്ലം മുനിസിപ്പല്‍ കോര്‍പ്പറേഷന്‍

Logo of Kollam Municipal Corporation
Logo of KMC
Mayor Council
Term limits
5 years
Founded1 October 2000; 18 years ago (2000-10-01)
Vijaya Francis, CPI
Seats55 councils
Kollam Municipal Corporation council after 2015 election, July 2019.svg
Political groups
  CPI(M): 25 seats
  CPI: 11 seats
  INC: 11 seats
  RSP: 4 seats
  JSS: 1 seat
  BJP: 2 seats
  SDPI: 1 seat
Last election
2015 - LDF Won LDF LOGO.jpg
Last election
2010 - LDF Won LDF LOGO.jpg
Meeting place
Kollam Municipal Corporation Office, Aug 2016.jpg
Corporation Office, Cantonment, Kollam
ISO 9001:2015 certification (May 2019) for the best Municipal administration and services.[1]

Kollam Municipal Corporation (KMC) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified civic body that governs the City of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala.[2][3][4][5] It is the fourth largest city corporation in the state by population and fifth largest by area. Constituted in 1903 and officially recognized as city corporation in 2000,[6] the body governs an area of 73.03 square kilometres (28.20 sq mi) centered on Kollam with about 55 wards and a population of 397,419.[7]

Kollam is the 2nd most revenue generating city in Kerala. As of 2015-16 reports, Kollam has a revenue of Rs.889.74 crore, expenditure of Rs.830 crore and a surplus of Rs.59.73 crore.[8][9]


Kollam, known historically as Quilon, was an ancient trade hub and one of the largest port cities in Asia.[10][11] The population density of the coastal belt of Kollam is very high compared to any other city in the state. After the constitution of Kochi as a corporation in 1967, there were intense demands to upgrade the densely populated Kollam City into a city corporation. As a result, on 1 October 2000, Kollam Municipality was upgraded by the Kerala Government to a Municipal Corporation.

The city population of Kollam increased substantially from 139,852 in 1991 to 346,013 in 2011. In 1991, the Vadakkevila, Sakthikulangara, Eravipuram and Kilikollur panchayats were merged with Kollam City. As a result, the area run by the municipal corporation increased from 18.48 square kilometres (7.14 sq mi) to 58.18 square kilometres (22.46 sq mi).[12] Later in May 2015, Thrikkadavoor panchayath is merged with Kollam city and total population of the city became 397,419 with total area of 73.03 square kilometres (28.20 sq mi).[13][14]


Kollam Municipal Corporation (KMC)
Mayor V.Rajendrababu[15]
Police Commissioner Arul B. Krishna IPS
Deputy Mayor Vijaya Francis
Secretary V. R. Raju
District Collector B. Abdul Nasar

The City Corporation of Kollam has a 55-member council headed by a Mayor assisted by a Deputy Mayor.[16] On an average, every ward consists of a population of around 7,000. Each ward is represented in the municipal council by an elected councilor. The Kerala Municipalities (KM) Act, 1994, governs all functions in KMC.[12] Also there are 8 standing committees in the corporation for the ease of smooth governance of the city.[17] Each and every standing committee is headed by an elected councilor and he will become the chairman of the particular standing committee.[18][19] The standing committees are:

  • Finance standing committee
  • Development standing committee
  • Welfare standing committee
  • Health & Education standing committee
  • Public works standing committee
  • Town planning standing committee
  • Tax appeal standing committee
  • Education & Sports standing committee


Map of Kollam City

For the ease of administration, Kollam Municipal Corporation is divided into 7 zones.[20] There are zonal offices in each zones of the corporation.


Kollam city corporation consists of 55 divisions or councils spread across its 7 zones.

In 2014, Mrs. Prasanna Earnest, the then Kollam Mayor, had been selected as the Best Lady Mayor of South India by the Rotary Club of Trivandrum Royal[21]


Apartments built at Cantonment area in Kollam Corporation under RAY Project for providing housing in the urban places

As per the Kerala Municipal Act of 1994, the Government of Kerala transferred powers and functions to Local Self-Governments in the year 1995, along with institutions, offices, and functionaries. As per the act, 18 functions are maintained by the Municipal Corporation[12][22]

  • Regulation of land use and construction of buildings
  • Roads and bridges
  • Sanitation and SWM
  • Slum improvement/upgradation
  • Urban poverty alleviation
  • Provision of urban amenities such as parks and playgrounds
  • Promotion of cultural, educational, and aesthetic aspects
  • Burial grounds and crematoria
  • Cattle pounds
  • Public health - Sewerage, water supply
  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Public conveniences including street lighting, parking lots, etc.
  • Regulation of slaughter houses
  • Spatial planning (urban and socio-economic planning)
  • Urban Forestry
  • Fire fighting
  • Education
  • Safeguarding the interests of weaker sections

Kollam City Corporation Election 2015[edit]

Election Result-2015[edit]

S.No. Political Front/Party Party symbol Number of Corporators
1 LDF Indian Election Symbol Hammer Sickle and Star.png 36
2 UDF Hand INC.svg 16
3 BJP 02
4 Others No flag.svg 1

Mayors of Kollam[edit]

Mayors of Kollam
Incumbent From Until Party
Sabitha Beegam 2000 2004 CPI(M)
N. Padmalochanan 2004 2006 CPI(M)
V. Rajendrababu 16 March 2006 8 November 2010 CPI(M)
Prasanna Earnest 9 November 2010 8 November 2014 CPI(M)
Honey Benjamin 27 November 2014 8 November 2015 CPI
V. Rajendrababu 18 November 2015 Present CPI(M)

Former Municipal Chairmen of Old Quilon Municipality[edit]

Former Municipal Chairmen of Old Quilon Municipality
Incumbent From Until
C. Sankara Menon 1921 1922
Barrister Padmanabhapillai 1922 1925
M. R. Govinda Pillai 1925 1927
M. R. Madhava Varrier 1927 1930
Paravoor Narayana Pillai 1930 1932
K. G. Parameswaran Pillai 1932 1948
Palakasseri Raghavan 1948 1952
P. R. Kochukrishna Pillai 1952 1956
K. Kesavan Potti 1956 1960
Sankaranarayanan Potti 1960 1962
T. K. Divakaran 1962 1967
S. Abdul Rahuman Koya 15 March 1967 29 April 1968
N. Thankappan 13 May 1968 7 March 1980
Karumalil Sukumaran 2 June 1980 7 May 1982
K. Thankappan 28 August 1982 22 November 1983
C. Raghavan Pillai 1 December 1983 29 September 1984
Gopalakrishnapillai 26 October 1984 10 April 1985
C. V. Ananda Bose 26 April 1985 9 July 1987
Neelagangadharan 5 August 1987 4 February 1988
Karumalil Sukumaran 17 November 1988 30 September 1995
K. Thankappan 4 October 1995 1 April 1998
Prof. N. G. Moorthy 4 May 1998 5 October 1999
Uliyakovil Sasi 29 October 1999 30 September 2000

Kollam Corporation projects under construction/ completed[edit]

Chinnakada Underpass and Clocktower

Chinnakada Underpass[edit]

Marine Aquarium under construction at Kollam Beach

The Chinnakada underpass is a public road infrastructure project for the city of Kollam as part of the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to ease traffic congestion at Chinnakada, the city CBD of Kollam.[29] The presence of an existing Railway over bridge and three close intersections with heavy traffic limits the option for traffic management measures including junction improvement. That caused the authorities to think about this underpass at Chinnakada. Chinnakada is a complex junction where roads from Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Downtown, Sengottai, Ashramam(Residency Road), Kollam Beach and the City bus stand road meets.

Preliminary design prepared by NATPAC(National Transportation Planning and Research Centre) for the underpass involved the acquisition of 0.08 hectares (0.20 acres) of government land on a temporary basis.[30] The height of the road passage above the underpass was increased to 5.5 metres (18 ft) from 5 metres (16 ft) to facilitate movement of modern container trucks through the underpass. Underpass has been thrown open to the public by the end of May 2015.[31][32]

Marine Aquarium at Kollam Beach[edit]

On 22 June 2014, construction work started on a marine aquarium at Kollam Beach, which is first of its kind in the state of Kerala. The Harbour Engineering Department constructed the aquarium on the eastern side of the beach on behalf of Kollam Corporation. The foundation stone for the project was laid in March 2014 and is inaugurated on 14 July 2019. The aquarium has 24 tanks worth Rs.25 lakhs and a pool consist of 12,000 litre capacity, having 18 varieties of marine fishes. The facility is open for public in the evenings with a fee of Rs 25 per person.[33][34]

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