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Kollangudi Karuppayee (Tamil: கொல்லங்குடி கருப்பாயி) is a Tamil folk singer who has also performed in films.[1] She is considered one of the pioneers of Tamil folk music;[2] as the first of her genre and background to perform in films, she served as an inspiration for many other folk artistes.[3][4] She started her career as a performer on All India Radio about thirty years before her foray into films.[5] She is a recipient of the prestigious Kalaimamani award for her contributions to music.[6]


As Actor[edit]

Year Film[7]
1985 Aan Paavam
1987 Ayusu Nooru
1987 Yettiku Potti
1996 Gopala Gopala

As Singer[edit]

Year Song Film[8]
1985 Peraandi Aan Paavam
1985 Otti Vandha Aan Paavam
1985 Koothu Pakka Aan Paavam
1985 Chaaya Cheelai Aan Paavam
1985 Arasapatti Aan Paavam
1987 Enga Ooru Nalla Ooru Yettiku Potti
1997 Kananguruvi kootukullae Aahaa Enna Porutham

Her husband died in front of her eyes on their way to Madurai for a song recording, this tragedic incident made her bedridden and shut cine offers, later her daughter also died in a road accident which made her a more weak mentally. Now this legend is being taken care by the youths of her society.


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