Colonial Exhibition of Semarang

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1914 Semarang
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Gezicht over de paviljoens op het terrein van de Koloniale Tentoonstelling in Semarang TMnr 60026651.jpg
Aerial view of the colonial exhibition of Semarang
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameColonial Exhibition
CountryDutch East Indies (now Indonesia
OpeningAugust 13, 1914
ClosureNovember 15, 1914
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Het 's avonds verlichte paviljoen van de firma Kolff van der Hoeven en Broekman op de Koloniale Tentoonstelling in Semarang TMnr 60026652.jpg

The Colonial Exhibition, Dutch: Koloniale Tentoonstelling, took place in Semarang, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in from August 13 through November 15, 1914[citation needed]. Colonial exhibitions were trade expositions[citation needed]. It was designed to "give a comprehensive picture of the Dutch Indies in their present prosperous condition."[1]



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