Kolovesi National Park

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Kolovesi National Park (Koloveden kansallispuisto)
Protected area
Country Finland
Region Etelä-Savo
Coordinates 62°15′27″N 28°49′00″E / 62.25750°N 28.81667°E / 62.25750; 28.81667Coordinates: 62°15′27″N 28°49′00″E / 62.25750°N 28.81667°E / 62.25750; 28.81667
Area 23 km2 (9 sq mi)
Animal Saimaa Ringed Seal
Established 1990
Management Metsähallitus
Visitation 7,500 (2009[1])
IUCN category II - National Park
Kolovesi National Park is located in Finland
Kolovesi National Park
Location in Finland
Website: www.outdoors.fi/kolovesinp

Kolovesi National Park (Finnish: Koloveden kansallispuisto) is a national park in the Etelä-Savo region of Finland. It was established in 1990 and covers 23 km2 (8.9 sq mi). It protects e.g. the habitat of the critically endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. Typical of the rugged scenery of Kolovesi, formed by the ice age, are craggy cliffs rising from the water. Cave paintings have been discovered in the area.

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