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Komae Station (狛江駅 Komae-eki?) is a stop on the Odakyu Electric Railway Odawara Line in Komae City, Tokyo, Japan.

Entrance of Komae Station

It is the 15th station, about 13.8 km, from Shinjuku Station. It was used by about 42,000 passengers daily in 2005.[citation needed] It is serviced by local service and section semi-express trains; all other trains bypass the station.


Komae Station was opened on May 27, 1927. The station was not included in the initial construction plans for the Odakyu railway line, but local residents successfully campaigned for a station to be built in this neighbourhood.

Throughout the 1990s it was extensively redeveloped as part of the Odakyu Line's track doubling project. Previous to the redevelopment, the platforms were on ground level and linked by an overhead bridge.


The new station consists of two elevated platforms, with station facilities on the ground floor. The space under the train tracks on either side of the concourse is occupied by commercial facilities and a bicycle parking area.


The station is surrounded by a suburban commercial district, including a small shopping centre built under the train tracks. Komae City Hall lies to the north of the station.

Coordinates: 35°37′55″N 139°34′38″E / 35.6319°N 139.5771°E / 35.6319; 139.5771