Komanda (newspaper)

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Type daily
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) ZAO Komanda
Publisher ZAO Komanda
Editor-in-chief Yuriy Karman
Staff writers Oleksandr Tymchyna (director)
Founded 1995
Language Russian (primary)
Ceased publication 2016
Headquarters 17 Kurenevskiy Lane
Kiev, 04073
Website www.komanda.com.ua

Komanda is one of Ukraine’s most influential sport newspapers published daily in Kiev, the nation's capital. It was founded in 1995, and as of September 2001 it is available on-line. It offers sport analysis, original interviews, and opinions. It is published in Russian. Its registration number KBN 2163 of 18.09.96. The subscription index is 33780. The newspaper is published five (5) times a week, no Sunday or Monday editions.


  • Director - Oleksandr Tymchyna
  • Chief editor - Yuriy Karman
  • Manager of Lviv division - Vasyl Mykhailov
  • Manager of football news section - Valeriy Novobranets
  • Secretary - Serhiy Pylkevych
  • Technical editor - Danylo Radovskiy
  • Web-site editor - Serhiy Berov

The paper's motto is Of what screams and whispers the World of sport (O chem krichit i shepchet mir sporta).

  • The paper consists of nine (9) sections: football, autosport, basketball, hockey, tennis, box, chess, other, and behind curtains.
  • There are about 30 authors from Ukraine and Europe that contribute to the newspaper, including the international grossmeister Mykhailo Holubev.
  • The paper's web-site demonstrates the rating among the most interesting articles; taking a variety of different public polls; has forum to address issues, express an opinion, and/or give a suggestion. The web-site also provides with an extensive archive database of all previous editions and it also gives a detail information about subscription.


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