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The Komandosi ("The Commandos") was a name given to a group of left wing Polish students in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The group included prominent dissident members such as Jacek Kuroń,[1] Karol Modzelewski,[1] Adam Michnik,[2] Henryk Szlajfer,[2] Teresa Bogucka, Jan Gross, Jakub Kariński, Barbara Toruńczyk, Irena Grudzińska, Jan Lityński, and other students, who became known in the anti-communist opposition movement.

The name originated due to the way that the students interrupted and came to control classroom discussions at University of Warsaw on topics which were politically charged from the point of view of standard communist propaganda of the era.

During the March '68 events many of the members of the group were arrested and tried on trumped up charges by the communist authorities. Michnik was sentenced to three years in prison, Kuroń three and a half, and Lityński and others to two and a half.


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