Komarov (crater)

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Komarov LROC.jpg
LRO image
Coordinates 24°42′N 152°30′E / 24.7°N 152.5°E / 24.7; 152.5Coordinates: 24°42′N 152°30′E / 24.7°N 152.5°E / 24.7; 152.5
Diameter 78 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 209° at sunrise
Eponym Vladimir Komarov
Oblique Apollo 13 image
Oblique Lunar Orbiter 5 image

Komarov is a lunar crater that lies across the southeastern edge of Mare Moscoviense, on the northern hemisphere of the far side of the Moon. It is a complex feature with an irregular appearance.

The northern rim of Komarov bulges outwards into the mare, giving the crater a pear shape. The regions around the northeastern and southern rims are rugged and uneven, and the crater floor in between has been resurfaced by lava flows that have completely submerged the western third of the interior. This surface is marked by a pattern of multiple rilles that run primarily in a north–south direction, but are cracked like a drying mud bed. Along the interior of the eastern rim is a cleft-like formation that curves along the inner rim. The northwestern rim has an outer rampart where it slopes down to the plain of the neighboring mare.

The crater is named after Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov (1927–1967).