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Komazawa University
Komazawa main.JPG
Motto Truth, Sincerity, Respect, and Love (信誠敬愛)
Type Private
Established 1592
President HIROSE, Ryoko
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 16,000
Postgraduates 250
Location Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Campus Urban
Member of Setagaya 6 Universities consortium
Colors bluish-purple
Website www.komazawa-u.ac.jp

Komazawa University (駒澤大學, Komazawa Daigaku) abbreviated as 駒大 Komadai is one of the oldest universities in Japan. Its history starts in 1592, when a seminary was established to be a center of learning for the young monks of the Sōtō sect, one of the two main Zen Buddhist traditions in Japan.

The university in Tokyo campus comprises eight faculties and 22 departments with a total of around 16,000 students. Also for students who wish to pursue advanced studies, each department has a graduate school except the Department of Radiological Sciences. It also has seven research institutes and a Museum of Zen Buddhist Culture.

Education and research[edit]


In brief[edit]


Basic Information[edit]


  • Komazawa campus: Komazawa 1-23-1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to (東京都世田谷区駒沢1-23-1)
    This campus is next to the stadium of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
  • Futakotamagawa campus: Unane 1-1-1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to (東京都世田谷区宇奈根1-1-1)
  • Fukasawa campus: Fukasawa 6-8-18, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to (東京都世田谷区深沢6-8-18)

Education and Research[edit]


  • Buddhist Studies
    • Zen Buddhist Studies
    • Buddhist Studies
  • Literature
    • Japanese Literature
    • English and American Literature
    • Geography
      • Area and Culture Studies
      • Environmental Science
    • History
      • Japanese History
      • Foreign History
      • Archaeology
    • Philosophy
    • Sociology
      • Sociology
      • Social Welfare
  • Economics
    • Economics
    • Commerce
    • Applied Economics
  • Law
    • Law
    • Political Science
  • Business Administration
    • Business Administration
    • Marketing Management
  • Health Sciences
    • Radiological Sciences
  • Global Media Studies
    • Global Media

Graduate Programs[edit]

  • Arts and Sciences
    • Buddhist Studies
    • Japanese literature
    • English and American Literature
    • Geography
    • History
      • Japanese History
      • European History
      • History of East Asia
      • Archaeology
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
      • Psychology
      • Certified Clinical Psychology
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Law
    • Public Law
    • Private Law
  • Business Administration
  • Health Sciences
    • Radiological Sciences

Professional Graduate Programs[edit]

  • Judicial Studies (Law school)

Affiliated Facilities[edit]


  • Zen Institute
  • Institute for Comparative Buddhist Literature
  • Institute of Zen Buddhism and Economics
  • Research Institute for Applied Geography
  • Institute of Legal Research
  • Research Institute for Accounting
  • Institute of Mass Communication



  • Komazawa campus
    • 246 Kaikan
    • Community Care Center
  • Futakotamagawa campus
  • Fukasawa campus


  • Museum of Zen Culture

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Notable alumni[edit]

Rev. Dr. Zengaku Soyu Matsuoka Roshi (Founder of Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago, Long Beach Zen Center, and Mokurai Silent Thunder Order)

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Agreements with other universities[edit]

  • Participant in the Setagaya 6 Universities

Sister Schools[edit]

They were also established by Soto sect.

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