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Kombi (2015)

Kombi was a pop rock music band from Poland, founded in 1976 in Gdańsk by Sławomir Łosowski. In the beginning group played mostly rock music, later their style turned towards synthpop.

The band was known for its characteristic sound, based on state-of-the-art electronic instruments programmed (and often modified) by Łosowski, distinctive vocals and guitar playing by Skawiński and Tkaczyk's bass slapping style.

Kombi was the first Polish band to use Commodore 64 as a MIDI sequencer, Prophet 5, Minikorg 700s, Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer, Simmons SDS-V electronic drum kit and Yamaha RX-11, Roland TR-808 drum machine.[citation needed] They are also the only Polish band (as of 2006) to tour the United States three times, bringing all their equipment with them.[citation needed]

The band split up in 1992 after disagreements about the future direction of the band.

In 2003, Skawiński, Tkaczyk and Pluta re-formed as Kombii without Łosowski, with new keyboarder Bartosz Wielgosz.

In 2004, Łosowski formed band called 'Łosowski'. He plays with his son, Tomasz Łosowski (drums) and Zbigniew Fil (vocals)[citation needed]

In 2013 Łosowski renamed his band - now it's called "Kombi Łosowski"


Most popular songs[edit]

  • Królowie życia (The Kings of life)
  • Kochać cię – za późno (It's too late to love you)
  • Słodkiego, miłego życia (Sweet, nice life)
  • Black and White – with the most expensive videoclip in 1980's in Poland.
  • Nasze Randez – vous (Our Randez – Vous)
  • Tabu – obcy ląd (Taboo – foreign land)

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