Kommando Trash

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Kommando Trash
Origin Bern, Paris, Prague, Istanbul, Tokyo
Genres Electropop, new wave, German pop, French pop, minimalism
Years active 2008–present
Website http://www.bimmelais.tk
Members Pavid Didler, Flat Frederique or Flatman, Disco Pee, Moody Mascott
Notable instruments

Kommando Trash is a band project initiated in late 2007 by Pavid Didler and Flat Frederique through recording the track "Kommando Bimmele", a hyperminimalist electropop track. Fellow musicians Disco Pee and Moody Mascott joined soon after on the follow-up "Zottelbaer".

The young group, which is said to have started the movement called Bimmele or Bimmelais, has completed almost fifty tracks following a similar, though varied, pattern.


  • 2008
    • Bimmele Ja!
    • Discozombieteenager Ja!
    • Bimml's Not Dead Ja!
    • Ja!djelam Diskoh Diskoh (EP)
  • forthcoming · Bimmele Activates Soul Ja!

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