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Urban-type settlement
Kompaniivka is located in Ukraine
Location of Kompaniivka in Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°15′12″N 32°12′19″E / 48.25333°N 32.20528°E / 48.25333; 32.20528Coordinates: 48°15′12″N 32°12′19″E / 48.25333°N 32.20528°E / 48.25333; 32.20528
Country  Ukraine
Province  Kirovohrad Oblast
District Flag of Kompaniivka raion.svg Kompaniivka Raion
Founded 18th century
Town status 1965
 • Town Head Oleksandr Masliukov
Elevation[1] 160 m (520 ft)
Population (2013)
 • Total 4,544
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 28402
Area code +380 5240
Website http://rada.gov.ua/

Kompaniivka (Ukrainian: Компаніївка) is an urban-type settlement in Kirovohrad Oblast (region) of central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Kompaniivka Raion, housing the district's local administration buildings. Population: 4,544 (2013 est.)[2].


Kompaniivka was founded in the second half of 18th century on the left bank of the Suhokleya-Komyshuvata river, a tributary of the Inhul. The settlers were former Cossacks Kompaniiskyi regiments. They had been Hetman light cavalry, whose were guarding the southern and western borders and providing an intelligence service. Probably this happened after the reform of October 24, 1775.

Before the soldiers arrived, there were farmers growing wheat, rye, barley and oats and raising livestock. The lands and the peasants farming them were taken over by the nobility in 1782.[3]

Military reform caused a significant settlement of former Kompaniian. After retirement they were assigned to a particular social status, such as (Burghers, peasants or Cossacks.

In the 1850s Kompaniivka became the center of parish of the same name in Elisavetgrad County. In the 1890s the Kompaniivka Paper factory was built in the town; its production was the largest in the region and fourth in Ukraine.

In July 1933, the village became the center of the newly created district of Odessa Oblast.[4] In 1965, Kompaniivka received the status of an urban-type settlement (town).



Most of Kompaniivskyi Raion's industrial activity takes place in Kompaniivka. The town's manufacturing plants are:

  • Kompaniivka feed mill
  • Kompaniivka agrochemistry
  • "Kirovograd", a gas compressor station
  • Zhyvanivka granite quarry
  • Sausage shop
  • Bakery


  • Kompaniivka technical college veterinary medicine Bila Tserkva national agricultural university  over the years, has trained about 4 thousand specialists veterinary medicine. For the third consecutive group of students of probation in England, three years technical college holds first place in the organization and conduct of educational practice among students of agricultural schools.
  • School of Kompaniivka


The village houses the district's central hospital.


Kompaniivka has a children's music school. It 5 departments and 119 pupils study there. The school's nine teachers teach the children to play piano, accordion, wind instruments and guitar, and there are also lessons in choreography and the visual arts. The school has several teams that compete nationally.[5]

The town also has the Museum Raion House of Culture and the raion library with about 26 thousand books (Kirov str. 14-a).[6]