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Komposé in fullscreen mode with the all the windows grouped by virtual desktop.
Developer(s) Hans Oischinger
Stable release
0.5.4 / December 2, 2005
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Fullscreen task manager
License GPL
Website kompose.berlios.de

In computing, Komposé is a free software fullscreen task switcher for the KDE Desktop Environment. As the name suggests, it is inspired by Mac OS X's Exposé.[citation needed]

Komposé provides three different fullscreen modes to view of all your open windows.

  1. View all your windows in a single virtual desktop.
  2. View all your windows grouped by virtual desktop.
  3. View all your windows ungrouped by virtual desktop.

Every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of its own. The user can drag and drop windows from one virtual desktop to another virtual desktop. Also a user can kill a window when it is exposed in fullscreen mode. This program is the basis for Spaces in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.[citation needed]

It currently supports the XComposite extension to x.org for faster graphics. It also uses the imlib2 library for fast graphics drawing.

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